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    Many things can cause tanks to lose there shields on malk. DPS derping on soaking the void zones=explosion=tank shield gone or very low. Bad combination of add/boss melee can take your shield low or gone in a global. It's happened to me many times, through nothing I could really control. The trick is your tanks need a solid way of always knowing the size of there shield. They need to be vocal as well, and call out the moment there shields drop so healers can react and prioritize getting it built back up.
    I'm pretty sure he means hitting an orb which you didn't even mention. Plus the add does no damage at all and the OT should be picking him up, have you done this fight on heroic? The only time a tank would lose his shield from melee is after the first blood rage and he is 10+ stacks but he should have cooldowns for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeno344 View Post
    I've seen both tanks loose full health/shields within seconds. I'm pretty sure thats not a total healing failure but it will have stayed a part of it. We've had situations where taunting the add has lead to taunting the boss back instead taking them to 19-20 stacks before they've realized.

    Appreciate all the feedback. I guess it was a very bold move getting 2 new tanks in and was probably kind of rash from the officers but I guess for now, grin and bare?! D:
    No, not grin and bare. You should go back to tanking. You need good tanks. And you don't need a warlock. Dps are a dime a dozen. I have no clue why you thought going dps when a tank already left was a good idea. I think you just wanted to switch to a lock tho.

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    You don't switch tanks during mid-progression. We're a 25m HC guild and we rarely change the roster at all. FotM classes come and go, but nothing substitutes someone who knows his class in and out. Also, I believe good tanks are severely underrated. I'd never tell a tank to re-roll just to accomodate the roster. There's few enough good tanks available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Which is more important, progression or having fun? If the answer is progression, "sorry tanks but you guys aren't doing what we need to progress, please switch to a DPS spec and/or step down." Then bring Brewmaster and you back. If you raid for fun, then just carry on.
    Agreed, BUT.... you need to give them SOME time. If this is the first week you've all raided together, keep on going. IF it's the 4th week AND it's really the tanks, you need to correct it.

    I'm still amazed you switched two tanks out for a warlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    You never change tanks. I mean you can, but you always keep one tank and at least one healer from your core/pro/officer group there. You can't have two random people leading your raid.

    Wrong. You go back tanking.
    Or. Walk the new tanks through it. Just because he changes hats does not mean his previous encounter knowledge is out the window.
    I have logged onto my old main, kept geared but not played much beyond that, had a 5min explanation, watched 3 min of a 5min vid and mt'd without hiccups.
    As far as I have ever noticed it was the OT who did all the leg work ect, so put the more able of the two on OT duty.
    Now, if they are super green, it's gonna be a bitch, but if they understand personal mechanics, it's not bad.
    Just have to work on their encounter understanding and mechanics.
    As always, I recommend watching and rewatching tankspot's guide to awareness and camera control.
    If the above poster was right, we'd never get new tanks, or never raid, or give up when one member leaves and so forth.
    New tanks and teaching our raid members is just a fact of wow.
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    Bringing up Malkorok progression as an example of bad tanking when there are much more challenging bosses tanking-wise before him is a bit weird.

    Losing the shield as a tank happens. It's not a big deal. If it happens very frequently to the point that you end up actually losing a tank, you might have a healing problem more than a tanking problem.

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    Khorm, you're joking right? I suppose a look at my armory might confirm I've tanked this numerous times. But I guess it's totally crazy that a tank might have sharp enuf eyeballs as to not get hit by an orb, considering there twice the size of your character, and if your dps are on point, they clear orbs that might be problematic for tanks. Man... try and be helpful and out come the trolls.
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    It's not even possible to hit orbs as a tank if the boss is positioned correctly.

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    Switching tanks during progression is difficult and dangerous. I advise against doing it whenever possible.

    My guild had to go through replacing both tanks during our Lei Shen Heroic progression (and going from 4 warlocks to 1), and it resulted in us taking 400 wipes to kill a boss that should have taken 150-200. Tanks are just that important for raid synergy.

    A tank doesn't even have to be the raid leader, they don't even need to be calling stuff out in the encounters, but getting used to how a tank actually plays is a big deal for a raid. They control the boss positioning, they control the facing, their survival is key over basically every other member, and if a pair (or trio) of tanks are incapable of working with one another effectively, it WILL hinder progression. Possibly to the point of needing to replace one of them just because they can't work together.

    All that said...
    You've brought these new tanks in. It's going to take them a week, perhaps two or more, to get used to one another and perhaps more significantly, to get used to their healers. Don't be impatient. Violent shake-ups to your roster from week-to-week can be just as bad. Make sure your tanks are talking to each other and also communicating with the healers to feel each other out.
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