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    Need help with low deadly poison and melee count (logs provided)

    Hi we are currently running SOO Heroics atm, and we have 2 mut rogues including myself. Our ilvl is pretty similar but the damage done is quite a bit of difference. Have gone through the logs to troubleshoot and I found my deadly poison and melee counts are much lower than his.

    1) how can I improve on the above mentioned
    2) from the logs are there any other areas which I can improve my dps.

    Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions rendered to a noob rogue.

    (p s not allowed to post links as I'm a new member... Zzz. Will be willing to PM To any senior rogues the logs who's keen to help tks.)

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    I'm going to guess low SnD uptimes? As far as deadly poison goes you can keep it active on a few targets in a cleave situation quite effectively as well which may cause some difference. Gear differences could account for it too, a high haste build will naturally have more melee attacks and poison ticks/procs.

    I'm going to assume you don't do dumb things like not auto'ing the boss whenever you can.

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    If your both having the same Snd uptime and don't completely gem / enchant differently it could be that your missing mellee hits because of running from aoe?
    back when i played a druid i was doing insane dmg compared to some of my guildies> was able to keep my rotation going nearly perfect + never leave mellee range for longer then required. ( kitty leap! Dash ect )

    then after playing way to much on my mage and healer monk i tried my old druid again-.- my gawd i sucked.
    somehow i always managed to stand just outside of mellee range on bosses ect.

    still try and talk to the other rogue? and do some tests on target dummies.
    if he can do more dmg then you on them it's gear or your rotation.
    if your doing around the same it's probably a range issue

    try weak aura's? recall you can make a aura for not beeing in mellee range of your current target. ( lets say you need to be within 6 yards make a aura for 8 ect )
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    What's the hit rating difference between you and the other rogue? Having Hit over the 7.5% cap is not bad, just not as beneficial as the other secondaries. I currently have 9.5% Hit on my bad Rogue because got a bit of bad luck with gear, still it's not completely wasted like Expertise would be.

    Edit: Could be also a difference in haste levels, eg. if you go crit>haste and he goes haste>crit, maybe his gear has more haste naturally and your gear has less.

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