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    Again more special deals for new comers, once again nothing for current loyal subscribers

    In the almost decade Ive played world of warcraft I have never seen any decent deals to reward loyal players for a change..

    How bout some discount on actual game time blizzard? 50% on a month or something....

    Ive seen discount on ingame services before but that would be nice to see again too.

    Fuckin selling WOW retail for £5, yeah amazing. I mean its 9 years old, if someone hasnt already bought WOW in 9 years Its pretty clear they dont too
    Buying wow with all the expansions is perma 50% cheaper on battlenet.
    ANd lol @ the gross self-entitlement.

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    I think it's better to free cdkey like Asia they do

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    Blizzard have done promotions on pets before, they are also currently doing a 2 for 1 on the new mount/pet. I agree though they seem to love doing promotions giving free items to attract new players , but don't do that much when it comes to keeping current ones... Like rift does the daily gift and loyalty vanity rewards such as transmog items, pets,titles, dimension items etc... the closest thing we get to loyalty rewards is the yearly feat/ copy and paste mail :S

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