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    Bye Greg, thanks for all the great ideas and hard work!

    But, new blood is good. The current batch of WoW designers really needs to be shaken up, because while they do some great things, they have a LOT of ingrained ideas about what WoW can and can't do that are causing some serious stagnation.

    Time for some new ideas.

    The best thing you could do for WoW is to get rid of a few more of the old-timers.



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    Probably Carbine Studios, since it's not too far from Blizzard. Lots of former Blizzard people working there already.

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    this is decidedly.....unexciting

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    I would have rather seen Metzen leave than Ghostcrawler, but I wish the man well. He had an exceedingly difficult job at Blizzard and got lots of flack for it (even from me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    In other words, he was tired of taking so much heat for the changes being made in WoD that Furor wanted (no flying til 6.1 being the most obvious), so he got another job. Good on him.
    Hey, I respect workers in the modeling industry quite a lot, thank you! Best of luck to GC and the gallons of Thousand Island dressing in his future.

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    They shouldve mentioned this at blizzcon woulda set the community in a cheering frenzy

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    Who is the next scapegoat for this forum I wonder?
    Exactly my thoughts ) someone will be next to blame, spit on etc. Also, there will soon be people who regret him and want him back. Just watch it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Hemet was behind Garrosh's escape and time travel just so he could hunt big game on old Draenor.

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    all we need now is someone to replace metzen as the lore creator and things will be perfect.

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    Kinda sad tbh..

    He's just going to be replaced by someone else the small minority of the community will bash anyway.. Inb4 the "PLZ go back to Blizz, Ghostcrawler" threads a few months after WoD is out.

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    Now maybe warlocks will stop getting raped with the wooden nerf bat.

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    Was this the unannounced feature?

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    finally, WoD might be saved now !

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    Well, there you go... all of you people who wanted Ghostcrawler's head on a pike for years, he's now gone.

    Lets see who his successor is. I'm sure all of you guys will approve immediately! /sarcasm

    I'm not saying I'm a GC supporter, or anything, but I can definitely tell you that he, like his successor, is a company man who was towing the company line. No matter who has the unenviable job of being Lead System Designer, they will always have their bosses they answer to, and ultimately will make decisions you don't like. Gonna have to deal with that, kiddies, because the next guy will make decisions that you won't like too.

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    Going to be amazing when nothing changes for this game and you people keep bitching and moaning as the next person steps up to attempt balance and does just as well as Ghostcrawler.

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    It's a shame to see him go. Of course we have always called him Satan and Sargeras in disguise, but he lives and breathes WoW and is one of the best game designers I can think of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    About fucking time.

    Next steps:

    1. Remove LFR
    2. Make lvling hard again
    3. Remove all instant CC
    4. Balance warriors
    5. Nerf Hybrid healing

    game fixed
    Amen to that

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    Oh. Now we need a new scapegoat for any game changes we don't like. I'm sure people will find 1 soon enough.

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    Don't worry kids, you'll have someone else to blame for your pvp failures.

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    He was a great dev, but it'll be interesting to see things shaken up a bit. I think the game does need something fresh.

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