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    Quote Originally Posted by nekobaka View Post
    Personally I like five mans and I did not get burned out from the five man heroics in Cata despite largely solo queuing. I like to heal and DPS holy-trinity content and MoP doesnt really provide that outside of raiding and LFR for me is more stressful than it is enjoyable and I dont care to do organized raiding anymore. Solo content and scenarios bore me and I dont like PvP anymore. Cata had my bases covered for a handful of hours a week while MoP doesnt. I could even get tier gear from a vendor without having to raid until LFR came in.
    That is one thing Cata had over MoP that I forgot about actually, the 5mans were far more enjoyable.

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    Dungeons are launch were great and hard - it was shoking for the majority because they were already used to WotLK steamroll dungeons and the uproar was so great that the Nerf bat had to hit like 2 weeks later.

    First and second raiding tier were great. Whoever say the opposite then he havent done them all. FL hc was hard, specaily the horrors of Ragnaros. What ruined all that could be good end for Cata was butchered with DS and the introduction of LFR. This litteraly mutilated the game so much that it will take still a lot of years to heal back.

    And also the separated Cata zones. They were literaly in the four corners of the world. And to add to the "excitement" Blizzard decided to put portals to all of them in the capital cities.

    However despite all i said above the major uproar in the forums against Cata is from veteran players, because they remmeber the game a bit harder than it was back then in t13(the fatal number ). Blizzard's Dragon soul and catering towards the casuals almost killed WoW Soul
    Atleast with MoP they tried (and in my opinion quite good) to patch the things and thats why MoP is way better accepted than Cata even despite the "kungfu" pandas
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    The only thing good about cata isn't something that was inherently good, but I look back on it because it was taken away, and those are the conveniences - the 5mans, the rep tabards, the "not having to grind myself into a complete pulp just to be halfway not useless in an alt raid."

    It was still a pretty crappy xpac compared to BC and Wrath. It just wasn't as bad as MoP has turned out to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antelope591 View Post
    P.S. I dunno how the hell someone can say they hate MoP and at the same time gives props to Cata.....I can understand hating both but MoP was better in every shape or form that can be described or compared. Guess nostalgia really is a disease
    That's the wonderful thing about opinions: they aren't facts. I liked Cataclysm more than Mists in almost every way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    That's the wonderful thing about opinions: they aren't facts. I liked Cataclysm more than Mists in almost every way.
    Wars have been started in RL over opinions.

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    It was still better than WotLK.
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    the only thing i enjoyed about cata was the 5 mans, everything else was terrible.

    although i have to say, i do enjoy running firelands at 90

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    That is one thing Cata had over MoP that I forgot about actually, the 5mans were far more enjoyable.

    My favorite dungeon boss to demonstrate the "difficulty" of cata dungeons was like the second boss or something of the fiery caverns one, where people had to move into lazers until there buff was in the 80s or so and then step out to avoid creating a huge add. Such a simple mechanic to execute, and yet it caused endless wipes at the start of the expansion due to the lowest common denominator player-type that is the majority of wow players.

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    Screw nostalgia on this one, Firelands and dragsoul were so dull and then there is the complete lack of endgame fun bar these short raids. Some of the zones were nice (loved Vashir however its spelt) shame about the lack of fluidity between zone transitions is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kritisch View Post
    You crazy? wraith was the best expansion with tbc. I wonder did you even play wraith at his time, we played icc for a year (with 3-4 chars a week a 2 resets (10/25)) and still had higher subs than in cata and mop together. Not to forget 4 raidtiers plus an Extra Boss halion. Thats content you never saw in an expansion.
    Not everyone feel the same way, for me WotLK was the most boring expansion of all, however I can't judge on all content because I quit WotLK long before all of it was released since the expansion had nothing to attract me, could be because I never cared much about Arthas to begin with.

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    I totally loved the 5 man heroics early on, and the first two raid tiers were pretty nifty. Wasn't too keen on the story or most everything else.

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    *shrug* I personally don't think it was bad, but to each their own. I didn't start playing WOW until a little bit after Cata came out, mostly starting because it was something I could do at 3AM, with working the night shift. I learned to heal in those "hard" 5 man dungeons and had a blast. I remember joining my first pug ever to raid Firelands and enjoyed the hell out of it. Being a Holy Paladin, I loved Dragon Soul. It was fun just queueing for LFR to do Ultraxion and see just how much healing I could do. DS was also the first time I joined a raiding guild and I really enjoyed clearing my first tier on heroic.

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    20,831's just as terrible as I remember. The only good thing to come from it was the revamped zones, which I can put away my nostalgia and admit they are much better now. Otherwise:

    1) Disconnected from the world via World of Portalcraft.

    2) Raids were subpar on the whole, capped off by one of the worst raids we've ever seen and the worst final boss fights. Dragon Soul was just the epitome of how to ruin a raid.

    3) Nothing to do outside of leveling alts and grinding dungeons, then LFR for a terrible raid. And this is the really, really big one. For people playing so long, Cata provided almost no 'new' content.

    My time with WoW almost didn't survive how awful Cata was and I will never think it was good. If MoP didn't completely turn around everything I saw wrong with the game I would've been gone.

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    Cataclysm was very bad. But MOP exceeded Cata with its pandas, china, pokemon, Farmville, and jumping rats. Cata was a bad WoW expansion, MOP was childish and silly and not Warcraft. I enjoyed leveling, quests, 5-mans and first tier of cata. In MOP, I enjoyed only saving my $15/month when I unsubbed.

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    Cataclysm wasn't the very best expansion in my opinion, but it honestly wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed it, and found the raids to be challenging and fun. That said, I was a little on the fence about the whole flying mounts thing, and the effect it would have on questing and raiding, but all in all, it was decent expansion. I'm not sure why everyone loves to hate on it so much. Maybe their trolling? Maybe their over cynical? Maybe their little kids?

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    I found it thoroughly awful. The content was delivered slowly for such small amounts, the 5-mans got old INCREDIBLY quickly, the Firelands daily zone holds the game's standing achievement for "biggest snoozefest" and the raids were sorely lacking in content compared to the WoW norm. 4.0 was okay, but it still suffered from the daily model having worn thin and a general lack of things to do other than dailies and raids. Oh, and Tol Barad was awful. Can't forget that.

    Honestly, looking back, the only good part was the revamped zones, because they're here for the long haul and were a practical improvement. It's just a shame that it came at the expense of the max level content being awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    That's the wonderful thing about opinions: they aren't facts. I liked Cataclysm more than Mists in almost every way.
    Hey that's cool man, sometimes I prefer ripping off my fingernails to getting a massage. It's my opinion.

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    Firelands was awesome, and heroic Rag was awesome.

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    Deathwing sucks as a villian.
    The raids after T11 sucked (ok FL was ok for a throw away raid, but not a proper teir).
    The instances after T11 sucked

    The story sucked
    The zones sucked and were far too linear

    The T11 instances and Raids were actually pretty good. And to be fair so were the troll hcs (though they were for too long the only vp hcs) but overall the expansion was just piss poor.
    MoP has not been much better, and in fact started worse. but while Mop started bad, it got marginally better, Cata started OK and then nosedived into a steaming pile of crap.
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    T-11 and 12 were excellent, some of the most enjoyable fights came from those two tiers. The old world redo while generally frowned upon has made old world levelling enjoyable once again. Vash'jir is probably the best zone the design team has ever come up with. The introduction of LFR while hated is the foundation for what they have been able to accomplish in mists. In fact, a lot of underlying systems (t-mog being one of them) were rolled out and tuned up over the course of cata and we are only now beginning to see the fruits of their labour.

    Dragon Soul and the 4.3 dungeons (aside from the Warmaster fight) were appalling and can't hold a candle to anything else released in Cata. Deathwing failed to captivate as the final villain and the spread out zones made for an unimmersive environment.

    Over all though you could take the cata content out of the game and few would miss it and even less would even realize it was gone. Not as bad as is remembered but not any better then you remember either.
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