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    Throughout pretty much all of Cataclysm endgame consisted of a few dungeons and a single raid.
    Even casuals got bored as they finished weekly character progress in 2 hours queued in Orgrimmar, barely able to locate Cataclysms factions on a map.

    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Cataclysm. The only expansion that I stopped playing during.

    Yes, it was that bad.

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    Nah, it was pretty bad. In fact I hated Wrath too after 3.2 and Cata was supposed to fix the problems but it only made it worse.

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    It was okay, t11 and t12 was good as well
    Dragon soul was a big let down anyway.

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    Cata had some of the best 5 mans I can remember, before they nerfed them, of course.. It went to shit after Firelands though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoundOfGuns View Post surprised so many people hate DS but nobody has a problem with Twilight-Bastion nor Blackwing-Discent who were both full of very boring encounters with the exceptions of 3 or 4 that were old-school in all the wrong ways. But hey... whatever floats your boat.
    This. And how horribly overtuned they were that even doing Horridon with 476 gear would look like a walk in the park compared. Stripping away AOE abililties from many classes claiming AOE will not be needed anymore and dropping those 2 horrible AOE demanding raids on us where you could only succeed if you played the right classes that still had AOE and weren't underpowered. Also the complete inability to get hit-capped for them.
    While the dungeon difficulty was fine, the length of them was not, they took way too long even with perfect execution.
    And outside of raids and dungeons there was literally zero content. Even the few rare mobs that existed were horribly overtuned and dropped nothing of use.

    Cataclysm started as a complete disaster and only got better with each new patch. 4.3 was the pinnacle of Cataclysm for what it brought (Transmog mainly).

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    Oooooh nostalgia for Cata? hm... Ok loved deepholm and uldum. Loved goblins. Ok I'm all out.

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    Do I think it is the worst expansion I played...yea it is actually. HOWEVER, it doesn't mean it was god awful. It launched transmog which is my favorite feature. I never played the troll raids while they were current, but the revamps were fun and ZG is my favorite dungeon that I have played. The raids until DS weren't that bad. I think the last patch left a VERY bad taste in peoples' mouths hence why it is pretty bad to a lot of people.

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    Launch cata was amazing, i loved the new zones, the 5 mans were nice and difficult where you had to use actual tactics and use CC etc (really reminded me of the UBRS/STRAT gearing for MC days) the raids were really fun, i especially liked bastion of twilight. One of my main disapointments from a lore perspective was a lack of Old God raid in an expansion pretty much based on the old gods.

    I quit just after the troll dungeons were released (not because of them) so i have nothing but fond memories of cata and its awesome launch content. I'm happy i missed the aparent disaster of Dragon Soul.

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    My opinion:
    I really loved deathwing before cataclysm. He was on my top 3 villians of wow, and the game ruined it for me.
    I hated every new zone introduced in cataclysm.
    I hated Dragon soul.
    I was a casual, thus never got to experience BoT, BWD,Alakir, Firelands till pandaria.
    Heroics were my endgame, and with LFD they posed a great challenge.
    The world revamp wasn't particularly any good, but the new questing experience was amazing for 1-60.
    Guild systems rocked.
    I started playing me newest favorite class, Paladin. Before that, they never appealed to me.
    I think cata is the worst expansion in wow, I think it brought many good things and I know that blizzard learned from their mistakes, cataclysm was important so we could get such a good expansion as mop was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    T11, the absolute shittiest tier there has ever been (with exception of Throne of Four Winds, which was decent).
    T11 was great. Omnotron, Nefarian, Al'akir, Cho'gall and especially Sinestra were all really fun. It was also a good number of encounters for a tier and something they've thankfully gone back to in MoP.

    The worst tiers were the tiny ones. TotGC, DS, Firelands -- though Firelands produced one of my top 3 favorite encounters of all time in Heroic Rag.
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    Nope ... still feel about it being as bad as it was and Cataclysm is still the worst period of time WoW ever had ... can't believe I'm saying this but yeah it was worse than pandas.

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    I liked Cata excluding DS and it suited my handful of hours a week time investment. Grinds was cut from WotLK with the gearing process far more streamlined which let me spend more time doing the things I wanted to do rather than grind out side things for stuff. I could weekend warrior stuff and still progress far faster than I could in WotLK and overall Cata was just more flexible for me. Despite ZA/ZG being a rehash I did not get burned out on them and have seen many bear mounts left on the ground while solo queuing. Raid content by PuGing was still accessible and I could get a raid ready character in a couple weeks and find or lead my own PuG. The smaller raid sizes worked out for the typical PuGers time table.

    Even when I did not raid I had things to do that I liked. I found the reduced grinds and being able to exhaust the VP vendor before a tiers end to be a good thing which let the more casual players not feel so pressured to get it all before the next tier while still not progressing so slow compared to the no-lifers out there.

    I was subscribed the most consistently to Cata despite placing in the least amount of game play time in Cata and I liked that.
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    Cataclysm was an AWFUL expansion, the begining of the end... the game is beyond recognition.

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    Deathwing was the only villain badass enough to follow Arthas. Unfortunately, they went the wrong direction with most things in the expansion. They had everything going for them but they blew it.

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    Bad, and especially slow. Your memory won't remember every minute you spent being bored...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kritisch View Post
    Nah its still bad very bad no nostalgica with this
    It was still better than Wrath, but people let nostalgia blind them with that expansion pack. It's starting to happen now with Cata, as usual
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    It felt lame because most work went into redesigning level 1-60 zones. I liked the raids. T11 had cool encounters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchshot View Post
    Finally! An explanation That seems plausible. I have to agree with the questing experience as well. It felt very linear and lacked true deliberation. The story was streamlined though. Did the cons outweigh the pros?
    In the end, the cons did outweigh the pros. It wasn't that bad, but WotLK left some big shoes to fill, so it looks a lot worse by comparison to it's predecessor.

    To give an example of how badly on-rails things were, Mt. Hyjal and Molten Front. You were locked out of the Molten Front if you didn't do the Mt. Hyjal zone. Things like that tend to stick with people, emotionally if not in memory.

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    I'm fine with everything. Not picky.

    However the only thing I have to complain about, is as someone who is not interested in raids (up until LFR came out so it is more convenient for me to do now) I felt that Deathwing should have shown up in story just a little more.

    Yes I am aware he flew around the world for a couple of months, but even with him doing that I think on my leveling around Azeroth I think I only saw him twice and only once got killed by his fire *achievement* bleep bloop. And yes he was also in that quest line near the end where Alextrazsa and himself have that big fight.

    But that's it.

    In Wotlk I loved the quests because of the amount of times Arthas actually showed up, looked at you then disappeared while mentioning he looked forward to seeing you in the Citadel if his lacky doesn't kill you. And to me that felt epic.

    Cata as a whole was; decent. Some fun quests, some cool zones and lots of fun bits. But I really just love having the main antagonists showing up more and ALLOWING you to live because they want to see how far you's just like you are the main character

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