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    RAF question

    I want to Raf a friend that already have a battlenet account and a Wow Account, i have read that is legit and possible.
    Ho do i do it?
    A) new mail from him and a complete shiny new battlenet account?
    B) old battlenet account where there is already a wow account and same mail?

    Which one is possible? If both are possible, which one do you suggest?
    I think in both way is possible in the future to migrate the toon to the original account, cause the name registered is the same, isnt it?

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    As mentioned in the FAQ , RaF can be used on existing accounts that are less than 30 days old, not more. But yu can add more then one WoW client to one b.Net Account as far as I know.

    I have a question in the same direction. I gifted my friend WoW and sent him a RaF mail. I forgot to tell him, no to use both keys immediately, so he has now a normal account and the startet edition. Beside both accounts aren't connected now (seems we have to wait a little bit) , what will happen now exactly?
    Are both wow accounts connected at the end, or just the startet account?

    Is it possible to merge both games? Or is there no need to do so?

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