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    Well for me cataclysm was fairly good up until Dragon Soul. I really didn't like that raid instance. Sure some of the fights had interesting and fun mechanics, but I had hoped they would have done something more with it, especially the final fight. But up until that point of the expansion I thought it was rather ok.

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    I just didn't like Dragon Soul because it was short and all of the locations were reused. Half of SoO is the same way, but the city still feels alive and breathing, it also feels like a dungeon/raid. Dragon Soul felt like one of those on the rail shooter type games.

    SoO is the proper was to reuse art and locations in game, Dragon Soul is an example of how to do it the wrong way.

    I thought Firelands was fantastic, but there was so much wasted potential and again, it was far too short. I figured Sulfuron keep would have been expanded, we would have went in or fought on top of a volcano (imagine entering the base of one fighting a boss in there and then fighting Alysrazor at the top of a mountain/volcano). I don't know, too many missed opportunities. Felt the same way with ICC, although ICC had the whole 'length' thing going for it.

    Medium boss tiers just don't work well, at least if you play the game to raid.

    And despite the flak, the revamp was probably the best thing about Cataclysm. There is something incredibly enjoyable about the 1-60 experience. You breeze through it because the pace is right and you feel like you're accomplishing a lot because of both the pace at which you're doing it and the stories that you end up doing. The locations being so varied help remove tedium as well.
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    Fuck no, still the worst xpac to date.

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    I liked all the expansion yeah that right i mhm

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    I think most people who hate cataclysm do so because of Dragon Soul, and they transfer their negative opinions of dragon soul upon the entire expansion.

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    It was bad, really bad.

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    S9 was the best time of WoW in my opinion. S10 was fine at first but it quickly got boring and S11 was a complete disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephid View Post
    I think most people who hate cataclysm do so because of Dragon Soul, and they transfer their negative opinions of dragon soul upon the entire expansion.
    There was also huge class imbalance thanks to GC. There was no continent, no capital, half asses raid content. There was the whole excuse of world remake, which was lame.

    For someone who crusaded against class imbalance and nothing else for this game, he did a terrible job.

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    Its where Raid Finder was introduced, it when questing started becoming a snooze fest, and worst of all, DRAGON SOUL.

    Also, the 8 month period of no content... uggh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    How is that nostalgia? It's realism.
    Nostalgia would be if this thread was about "the good old days" in Cataclysm, but it isn't. It's that Cataclysm wasn't as bad as people are pretending it to be.
    I disagree. Cata was as bad as we all said it was. It started off too hard, ended too easy. Then the devs started a circular firing squad to explain the cratering sub numbers.

    Claiming "Well it wasn't really that bad compared to MoP and WoD" is forgetting what went wrong in Cata. Soon enough we'll totally forget what was bad in Cata and hoist it back up into the hall of "best expansion ever."
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    Cataclysm started good; the problem was that every level and patch it got worse. The overhaul of most zones was good (with some exeptions), and Vashj'ir was one of the best zones ever, hyjal was also very good (except an phasing-horror for farmers), but then it got downward. Deepholm was good to quest, but not an eyecandy. Everything was simply black with some exceptions. Ulduar is beautiful, but the quests are a horror. Twilight Highlands did feel a little bit unfinished. The ending there was pretty rushed, at least on alliance-side.
    And let's forget about Tol'barad; no i didn't mispelled it: i really want to forget about tol'barad. It was bad, very bad, VERY VERY BAD! The Pve-Zone were only kill/gather-quests. The only escort-quest was removed because it was so bugged that they needed to remove it with an hotfix. The PvP-Zone was good in the idea because you gained an reward when you won the zone for your faction. But the PvP-Zone was compared to Wintergrasp so bad, so very bad, let's simply forget bout it.

    And it was simply too small. All zones are too small for an expansion. But this weren't the problems. The problems was that after this it got worse: 2 Raids that were introduced were simply removed. Abyssal Maw (Part of the elemental raids; wind throne, fire firelands, earth deathwing) was scrapped. War of the Ancients was even worse: It wasn't only scrapped no, it was reduced to an 5 man dungeon; even worse than getting scrapped; because if something get scrapped it has a chance to come back as a raid in the next expansion; so it doesn't even had this chance. The instance was not bad, but it would be so much better if it was a raid, SO MUCH BETTER.

    Endtime and Hour of the Twilight was also not so bad, especially endtime was a good dungeon. But Hour of the Twilight: The first two bosses were good, but then Benedictus: Yes he was the Twilight Father: BUT WE NEVER KNEW WHAT HAPPENED INGAME. Because Blizzard had such an brilliant idea: When people want lore, they should buy our books; lore ingame? LOL. The Story behind him was so big and good; but instead of making us experience it ingame we should read a book: NO THANKS. And the last raid: It wasn't very inuitive, especially for the last raid. Recycled content must not be bad for an raid. but the problem was that this was the last raid. And the last raid cannot be something that we saw hundreds of time in the last expansion. The only interresting fight was Spine; but then Madness was the worst fight that blizzard ever introduced.

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    The only good things i remember about Cataclysm is that lots of my friends still played back then and generally WoW seemed much more "healthier".
    This was mainly because WoW was at its peak in Wotlk and only lost the players slowly in Cata, but in the end it led to the dead servers of MoP.

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    I liked cata for the most part, came back in halfway through firelands or so. LFR really caused problems in my guild though with set pieces. I loved the instances that were released with Dragon Soul and sad that they didn't do the same with SoO.

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    Tier 11 and Tier 12 were fantastic. The only issue was how little content and how infrequent the content was, and Dragon Soul. The actual quality of the raids until DS was fantastic, but there was just NOTHING to do.

    I think they cut something like THREE raids from Cataclysm. We were originally supposed to have the Abyssal Maw, which was completely removed, the War of the Ancients which was turned into a shitty lore-eradicating 5m heroic, and Grim Batol which was turned into a nice looking 5m. There was so much that expansion could have been, but it was all cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    I disagree. Cata was as bad as we all said it was. It started off too hard, ended too easy. Then the devs started a circular firing squad to explain the cratering sub numbers.

    Claiming "Well it wasn't really that bad compared to MoP and WoD" is forgetting what went wrong in Cata. Soon enough we'll totally forget what was bad in Cata and hoist it back up into the hall of "best expansion ever."
    Maybe I have a different 'definition' of bad.
    The zones were great, but felt too disconnected.
    The raids were great, the fights were awesome in tactics and mechanics.. but they felt "meeh", it didn't really appeal to the lore-nerd inside me.
    And after the biggest lore-fest ever from WotLK that is quite dangerous.

    What went wrong are several small things combined with a shift in direction.
    In WotLK they only upset "half" of their players.
    In Cataclysm they upset one half for the first part and the other half for the second part, resulting into everyone being upset for at least one point during that expansion.
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    T11 was good, Firelands was also good until they nerfed all the bosses while Ragnaros still remained a brickwall on heroic difficulty (yet it still stands out as my favorite encounter of the expansion). The troll dungeons were challenging at first but became old very fast due to both of them being recycled content, Zul'aman in a much higher degree than Zul'gurub though.

    Dragon Soul was what ruined it for me, heroic progression was fun the first 2-3 months/until you hit spine and madness. Those encounters were really poor and didn't do Deathwing the justice he deserved from a lore standpoint. Then the nerfs came along with the tier being out for twice as long as it had content for - it just really adds up in bad memories in the long run.
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    Nope, sorry no nostalgia here. Cataclysm fucking sucked! I'm fairly comfortable in saying that Dragon Soul was perhaps the biggest disappointment World of Warcraft has ever produced.

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    I had 2 problems with CATA:

    1. The leveling was beautifully changed in quests with great phasing, BUT the experience was complete out of synch due to ridiculous EXP gains through all mechanics (dungeons, quests, gathering professions, etc...)

    This lead to a complete out of whack leveling system where NO one could even complete the quests without bordering on insanity by ease of play. Of course you could use (as veteran players) the technique of shutting down EXP in PVE, but when players themselves have to "invent" things to make it work that is simply bad game design...

    Also: at the same time they changed the quest "accepting" to only 2 levels above your own level. Before CATA that was 5 to 6 levels above yours.

    That was even MORE frustrating. As I liked to level with a challenge: I Always sought the hardest content 5 - 6 levels above my avatars (rogues were perfect for that), and it was great fun.

    In CATA that was no longer possible as you only saw the quests 2 levels above your current level. Boring ...

    2. The second huge mistake was to make new zones spread out over all of Azeroth. The expansion lacked consistency AND the dreadful portals were used everywhere. Add the flying everywhere, even in brand new zones and the expansion was doomed in both leveling content as in world design.

    I think Raids/ Dungeons were quite good, it was simply the world concept and leveling that were wrongly executed.
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    What they tried was make it go back to the good old days without realizing a lot of casuals entered the game during WotLK which caused all the whining on forums that dungeons were too hard thanks to simply using a brain for once.

    In which turn the devs tuned down dungeons to a laughing thing which kept on for the whole durage of Cataclysm pretty much.

    They made portals to all the new zones which meant, no flying but just portal and almost there which made it boring to make an effort for things.

    Outside of doing raids and dungeons there was practically nothing that was enjoyable to do at max level (pvp'ers could pvp but don't really know how that all went)

    The things they did wrong was, transition from WotLK to Cata was big big big upwards in using the brain which should just have been a step time by time but they didn't do this good so eventually they undertuned everything and kept it today.

    Patches didn't add a lot and they already said a lot of times there really was no reason to go outside of the capitals.

    Oh and Dragon Soul that is all I have to say about Cata.

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    T11 and T12 was pretty awesome, especially the Ragnaros fight. But T13 lacked a lot of stuff, imo the only fight that was really interesting was Warmaster Gunship fight minus all the buggy fire and such. Deathwing fight split into 2 boss fight was pretty lackluster overall due to the repeated mechanics especially Deathwing himself. 4 platforms repeated but minus one buff each time. Coming from Ragnaros fight which had pretty complicated boss mechanics and a lot of things happening, it was dissapointing. I think because of this, people might remember the negative aspect of the whole expansion.

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