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    I don't think Cata was bad - but it was worse than any other WoW expansion.

    My main issue with Cata was the cancelled Abyssal Maw major content patch (including a raid).

    Secondary issue would be the lackluster explanation of certain events, like why did Al'Akir join up with Ragnaros who slew his "son/prince"?

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    No. Cata, was bad, bad writing from messiah Thr-Go'el, Malfurion making his big come back to immediately do nothing, Neptulon story dropping off the map, killing an elemental lord w/ virtualy no build up, Uldum being half pop culture references and no plot. Painfully linear questing, Everyone talking up Garrosh such as in the twilight highlands intro, Vash being painfully long w/ painfully linear questing being extremely prominent, the Neptulon story amounting to nothing, anti climax after anti climax. Theres more but at this point you agree or disagree.

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    95% of the time in Cataclysm I was sitting in SW waiting for ques. 2% of the time I wandered off to do something. 3% of the time I raided.

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    Cata was every bit as terrible as its reputation, if not worse.
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    1. Deathwing, which had more story prior to WoW then Illidan, which appeared more in the outdoor areas then Illidan (which appeared in a quest alone at the end of the Netherwing chain), was more disliked the Illidan. You know why? It's not because he had less depth, it's because he had NO depth at all! He was the most 1-dimensional character I have ever seen and was nothing like the Deathwing you saw in books and stories. His personality was treated so badly he just seemed like a regular "rawr, dragon, burn all" character. Deathwing was a pure failure of a villan.

    2. Yes, and thus the world was made smaller. Which is bad. So... we agree on this?

    3. Which made it feel like you don't need to go out in the world, and since you don't need to go out in the world and all you do is queue for stuff, you run out of stuff to queue, which, again, makes it for a bad design decision, which, again, makes Cataclysm bad.

    4. It's not that the world was remade, it's that the experience that was put in place as new was extremely linear and the players of one faction felt wronged story-wise. Also, there were a bunch of bad stereotypes and pop-refferences. While in previous expansions pop-refferences existed, there were usually about a quest, a character, maybe some sign in the world... not entire zones! Redridge, over half of Uldum, the whole entry for Alliance in Twilight Highlands and the dwarf wedding, those were just bad to an extreme. But yes, very slow content rate.

    5. Yes, agreed. The Firelands questing area was nice though.

    I would like to add some things too:
    6. Story wise, one faction's players got the shaft. Really, the worgen story was left hanging, you had to play the other side, the Nordrassil story was left hanging for Thrall's wedding, the Alliance gets to Twilight Highlands in a plane and sees some walls and half damaged buildings while Horde gets in a fleet, sees tents and builds a giant fortress, lots of losses for the player while playing Alliance and removing of the original feeling of the Horde trying to become more honorable and less murderous for the people playing Horde. Thrall was everywhere, enough said with this. Bad pop-refferences everywhere to an extreme.

    7. Bad PR from Blizzard, they first stated that they want a thing that way, but after enough people whined they immediately changed it and said they wanted the other way. They also imposed some not so popular ideas, the whole capital thing was one, but also stuff like LFR in its early incarnations and the whole "yea, this expansion will last 1 year" which ended with the expansion lasting 2 and having 6 months gaps between tiny raids.

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    I liked the dungeons and leveling zones and even BoT. DS and FL were not real raids though. It was also a bad idea to reuse Rag, just shows lack of imagination and creativity.

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    I'm a cata baby, and I loved cataclysm.

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    First 6 months of Cataclysm were great but then Blizzard caved in again.

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    I never disliked Cataclysm to begin with. It wasn't the best I've ever seen, granted, but I never thought it was bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Santoryu View Post
    First 6 months of Cataclysm were great but then Blizzard caved in again.
    People like you deserve zero respect.

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    Cataclysm was great. The only thing that was disappointing to people were how small Firelands and Dragon Soul were, how long DS lasted and how the exterior was largely known from other raids and zones. I personally liked DS and the Deathwing encounter. It brought me back to WoW after an 8 month break. There was room for improvement but I think overall Cata was great, especially from an artistic standpoint. Loved the revamped zones, loved the art, loved the music, loved the quests, loved Vashjir, loved the additional 5 mans. It gets picked on too much, it was overall really good.

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