So I play a warrior, and yesterday I acquired this trinket. Now as we all know, when it's up and going, it is an absolute beast of a trinket, however theorycraft wise and all, is the trinket really -that- amazing, when considering the fact that it has a 20 second uptime, as well as a sporadic and sometimes very very hard time proccing. I've tried to get it to proc sometimes, having to slap away on a dummy for anything between 1-3 minutes.

A little background: I play an undead, and this is mainly for world pvp, where the idea of not having a freedom trinket can be lived with a little more due to dispelling from people in your group for most harmful CC. I currently have the fusion-fire core trinket, which I have no intention of getting rid of, since that thing is absolutely beautiful. However, the skeer's trinkets uptime and hard time proccing, how does it really stack up, giving 30% crit averagely once it hits 20 stacks, only to disappear instantly afterwards, versus the freedom pvp trinket which has about a default 1.8 - 2% crit, and a 100% uptime?