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    I still collected lots of Pony's, GC. And nightsaber's. And dragons. And many other mounts. And I loved your fish swimming under the water that you wanted in the game, very relaxing.

    All the best.

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    QUICK! Get the VODKA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inkberry View Post
    No offense greg, but this might actually inspire me to come back to WoW. WoW after greg street was a completely different game. Wasn't nearly as good imo.
    WoW being a different game as the years have gone on is a good thing. I can't imagine this game being like vanilla or BC year after year. That would get so ridiculously boring and repetitive. Blizzard is always trying to mix things up to keep the game fresh and different. Some things I've loved, some, not so much, but at least they're trying different things.

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    oh wow I wonder how class balance will now unfold with someone to replace GC's job.
    Regardless, I wish him all the best and appreciate his effort in balancing 11 classes and dealing with player QQ daily.

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    Sad thing is that his contributions will be a key factor on WoD sucess but idiots will say that it was a sucess because he was gonne.

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    After reading that I'm sad

    GL to him, and I hope we get to find out what that opportunity was!

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    Outside ORG sending your children down the mines.
    wow i have many people to apologize to

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    Unfortunately he has had more than enough time to crap-up WoD.

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    I'm in shock. May the gods smile on thee, GC.

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    Don't panic!!

    The next in line has some big shoes to fill and I think we all have to agree: Players that complain and players that love all have one common thing - we care about the game. Having someone listen is better, 1000 times better, than having developers make blind decisions.

    Miss you greg.

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    There have been more positive changes than negative thanks to GC and his team, Greg Street also managed to set a new bar for how developers communicate with their fanbase, he was very passionate & caring about WoW. Those of you that feel like throwing a celebration now that he's gone, well, you are fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    The most shocking part of all of this: he didn't play a Mage.
    The thing I find shocking are the amount of people who actually think he played the game. It's laughable. When he posts his armory I'll shut up.

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    i think gc did a lot of good for the game. but like everything else, there's evolving trends that are missed by the establishment. the only way to keep pace is to bring in fresh perspective. i think its a good move for both parties.

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    Best of luck GC

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    I love how the same people bashing him and blizz for f*ing up WoW are all like "I bet he's going to wildstar"

    Well if you think he f*cked up wow why would you want him on wildstar?!? lol some people...

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    I'm actually pretty sad to see him go. This came as a shock to me. Good luck in that golden opportunity, GC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anium View Post
    wow i have many people to apologize to
    best comment ever

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    I didnt like him personally and hoped he would leave way faster since imo he damaged the game more then he improved it but good luck regardless. And really curious to see if they go towards a new direction when it comes to game design. Maybe improve and make leveling challlenging again? Wonder if this change was related to the one heroic raiding format for next expansion.

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    Can I have your gold?

    But seriously, bye bye best of luck.

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    Can we have a commemorative spectral fish pet?

    Still a little shocked, for some reason I felt like he'd always be there *tear*.

    All the best to him, he leaves some big shoes to fill.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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