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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethyrian View Post
    Looking at your armory,

    You're not hit capped. 15%
    Mastery is king
    Supremacy + Imp

    I've been playing Destro since wrath and even though it has changed alot since then, the basics are the same

    My rotation

    curse elements -> Immolate -> Conflag x 2 (I have it glyphed) 6 incinerates -> usually gives me two embers -> Two chaos Bolts that fly immediately after.
    Rinse Repeat.

    Also, on fights with adds include Rain of Fire into the mix, I know its not as good after the nerf but It can still help quite alot. On Nuroshen it's amazing!
    I know a lot of people frown upon using a conflag buff to burn a chaos bolt but I do it quite frequently and it doesn't really cause much of a problem.
    Sac is simply better atm than Sup on 90% of the fights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperviable View Post
    Or are you one of those people who always take Kil'jaeden's Cunning because the utility is worth more than damage even on fights without movement?
    There's about 2 heroic bosses I would even consider taking something other KJC.

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    Another great resource if you are looking to improve:

    Requires you to log a few fights, but has some great advice!

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