View Poll Results: How do you feel about people playing under the influence of drugs?

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  • I approve, it makes the experience more enjoyable.

    112 17.55%
  • I disapprove of drugs entirely.

    168 26.33%
  • I approve if it's legal.

    21 3.29%
  • I approve if it doesn't affect others' experience in game.

    270 42.32%
  • Other, please explain in reply.

    67 10.50%
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    I don't care for the most part, unless they're joining groups and under performing because of the drugs.

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    Personally I play alot when im high, but im never joining a raid/grp what ever if I know im gonna hug the fires - Same goes for lol, never playing rankeds if I cant perform a 100%, but yeah, gaming when high is really fun tho

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    As long as you don't become a racist homophobe, or get drug sketch.

    I hate Vent+ wow Drug sketch more then having to deal with it irl.
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    I disapprove of drugs entirely, but if people want to play the game while under the influence (of legal drugs), all the more power to you.

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    I simply can't. Everything effects me way too much, and impairs me, and I can't stand not functioning at 100%

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    I never told anyone i play while stoned sometimes.

    So it was weekend and i was pretty damn high when we killed Sindragosa. RL announced half an hour brake and told us to check LK tactics, just in case. So, i rolled a big fat joint and smoked it just before we started. I forgot it was my job to take out Enrage from adds, i forgot what those black pools of death were.. i forgot those all the time and every time we wiped, i almost died to laughing.

    After a few wipes or so, i was able to get my shit together and be seriously focused to kill the Lich King.

    I had a real change of major fuck up. I was new to the game, fresh recruit in the guild and i had just earned my raidspot in the core when i impressed them in ICC. Then this happens.

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    How do you tell when a cool person is playing stoned?

    You can't
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    I don't care in the slightest if other people are using drugs or are being drunk as fuck. The only thing that matters to me is: Do I get a negative experience due to them using? Usually the answer is no. If it is yes, then I'll get rid of that player or remove myself.

    As a former GM, I had to deal with alcohol and drug (weed/hashj) abuse. After a certain point it began to affect the raid/guild, so I told those players to either sober up or get the boot. They choose to just continue their habit during raids, which meant I kicked them out. Wasn't easy the first time. After the first time it became significantly easier. Especially since the guild totally understood it.

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    It's stupid. I hate that people seem to want to glamorise drug use when they can lead to serious problems and destroy lives of not just the user, but those around them. Miley Cyrus recently lit up a joint at that awards ceremony. What's she trying to prove? That drug usage is cool and fun? It's not exactly promoting a great image to her young fanbase, either.
    Isn't it ironic how education is important, yet people forget all about it when they visit the internet?

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    if they arent going "lol dude so blazed" constantly then marginally less annoying than that guy who absolutely MUST have his "brb, 15 minute smoke break" after every.single.pull. in a raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Flavour Cat View Post
    It's stupid. I hate that people seem to want to glamorise drug use when they can lead to serious problems and destroy lives of not just the user, but those around them. Miley Cyrus recently lit up a joint at that awards ceremony. What's she trying to prove? That drug usage is cool and fun? It's not exactly promoting a great image to her young fanbase, either.
    "Drug use" is an incredibly broad term though. Many substances are considered "drugs" and almost all of them have different effects depending on who uses them (and how much/often).

    As for Miley Cyrus: She's an attention whore and she was in the Netherlands, what did you expect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Flavour Cat View Post
    It's stupid. I hate that people seem to want to glamorise drug use when they can lead to serious problems and destroy lives of not just the user, but those around them. Miley Cyrus recently lit up a joint at that awards ceremony. What's she trying to prove? That drug usage is cool and fun? It's not exactly promoting a great image to her young fanbase, either.
    How dare an adult use a legal substance! Are you outraged by people drinking alcohol on camera? Whether you can see it or not, in the end it's pretty much the same thing. You haven't acclimated to a substance being considered acceptable, but that doesn't mean plenty of other people haven't.

    If you're a parent and you're still letting your child follow Miley Cyrus, then it's your responsibility to explain to them the consequences of what she's doing, and that it's not a direction you condone. When I was growing up, I was a huge Keith Moon fan, but I never drank myself into oblivion, drove cars into swimming pools, or blew up hotel toilets. I didn't do it because I was taught not to emulate famous people. It isn't a celebrity's job to raise your children, it's their job to sell themselves so they can make money. So to think that she was trying to prove something, rather than shock the world into talking about her(attention is monetized), is pure silliness.

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    In my old guild about a year or so ago now we used to have this guy...he was the other healer in our group alongside me (we ran 10 modes so only had two healers and one other guy who could switch in and out to help on fights we needed 3 like certain hard modes etc.). Anyways...he used to smoke a bit of weed before raids and it was fine and didn't really hinder his ability to heal to where I wasn't able to help compensate (I usually got assigned the more difficult tasks of healing on fights that required a bit more focus...which didn't bother me since I enjoyed those kinds of tasks anyways).

    After time though he would become more lazy...sometimes be too baked where he wouldn't show up or where he would show an hour late or claim how he would "forget" we were raiding that night (we raided the same day of the week at the same time for the past 5 months only taking a break on Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc.) So we would have to count on our backup and usually find another person in either our guild, a friend, or a random pug to fill the shoes of a third healer when needed and a dps role. Or just pug a new healer or hope someone in the guild was geared enough (wasn't so bad when we did normals, but when we did hardmodes pugging was a harder option for us since gear checks and skill checks).

    The guy eventually got to a point where he would pop pills and smoke weed during the raids he did show up at and well...most times he'd have to leave half-way through because he had either passed out at his computer or was feeling too sick from the pills to raid anymore. Our raid leader at the time also liked to smoke weed (and so did a few other guild members) however they chose to not smoke weed before raiding and would wait til after since it's only 3 or 4 hours of raiding we would do per night a few nights (no more than 2) per week.

    To me...based on my experience...drugs just really shouldn't be brought into it. Now if someone is smoking weed, doesn't get on and tell the world how high he or she is, and is able to show up and play and not have any issues I could care less what they do in the privacy of their own home...but when someone announces they are getting high or popping pills and end up showing up late or not at all or having deterred performance to where they can't even be asked to do certain does get a bit old.

    What people do in their lives/home is their business and I really can't say no people shouldn't play under the influence of drugs. That being said, the people that do choose to play under the influence have to accept the fact that other people may not want to play with them. It's my choice to decide to not play with people who do drugs. And chances are based on past experiences I would much rather spend an extra week recruiting someone who can at least be sober for raids and then what they do is their business.

    We had to replace the guy doing all the drugs...and he wasn't very happy about it. What was the worst part was he and I shared the same type of loot tokens and sadly he won the majority of the Hard mode gear before when we kicked him from our group we were kicking the better geared healer (sadly he wasn't better than me just because he was always on drugs). A lot of people were upset we had wasted so much time and energy gearing him when he ended up just failing on us sooner. After that our guild was more open to discussing loot council and one thing they were going to keep in mind is reliability. For those that do choose to play under the influence of any drug bear in mind other people who don't play under the influence may make decisions based on reliability of someone...and when you have 2 good people that want the same piece of gear it may end up coming down to who is less likely to miss a raid or be late...many times it will come down to the person that people view as sober.

    I've played drunk many times. Only raided drunk once and didn't even know I would be raiding that night. I logged on and had just gotten back from a party and was only on to do a few dailies and level up a character when I was asked to do a raid by a guild I had known for about a year. My current guild wasn't doing the raid they needed help with so I let them know way beforehand I was drunk, didn't know the fights to that particular raid etc (as my guild hadn't advanced that far yet) and they went ahead and took me anyways. I did an okay job...started sobering up after the fourth in cases like that where it's an unexpected raid I would be more lenient if someone is under the guild would sometimes find a friend to fill a dps spot and they would be high...we understood the person didn't plan for the raid and was just treating themselves to some feel good time when they were asked to join us. It happens. And I wouldn't count it against anyone in that particular situation.

    Either really depends on the situation and what experiences other players in your group have had with people who do drugs. If they have had only good experiences than people will view it as fine...if they have had negative ones then don't expect much sympathy. Like I said, my raid leader did a lot of the same drugs as that healer we had did...the only difference was my raid leader didn't want anyone playing under the influence and if he felt he could control himself enough to not do drugs during the raid than everyone else should be able to as well.

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    As some people said in the thread earlier,tbh I couldn't care less as long as it doesn't effect his/her performance,or the experiences of other players or myself.

    Especially if their performance is actually better since he is high on weed while raiding. I certainly wouldn't mind it then.
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    Long as they don't make it other peoples' business, I couldn't care less. For example, someone in my guild the other day logged on and said: My sweat shirt smells like weed #Ohshit. - exact quote. Shit like that just boils my blood. Especially since he went on for the next 15 minutes just to be absolutely sure everyone in the guild knew he smoked weed. Shut up kid, nobody cares.

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    As long as I'm not inconvenienced by the result I don't mind.

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    I play on a wide variety of drugs, and people never notice as I'm not one of those people who announce it. Surprised by how many people just instinctively hear the word "drug" and instantly lose all sense of reason. The side-effects of doctor prescribed anti-depressants include openly labeled suicidal tendencies for fuck's sake. Stop being sheeple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    9/10 the OMG IM SO HIGH are just teens lying
    Yeah, the ones that "brag" about it in game are the most annoying, and their mostly in trade chat or blaming being high on why they pulled something they shouldn't have "OMG, so sorry i pulled that boss, i'm so f**kin high" - really? Don't blame your drug use on your failure.

    I don't care if you do it, how do i really know unless you tell me anyway and how do i know you're not just lying about it?

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    I would rather raid with someone who is drunk or high than someone who needs a cigarette break every half hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karaoke View Post
    It's their prerogative. If they're able to perform up to standards and 'get the job done' then more power to them.

    I would extend this to RL jobs as well, I don't quite get why companies will fire people who are performing but happen to smoke weed. If you're looking for a reason to fire them you should be looking at some aspect of their performance.
    I agree completely, wiser words never said. Besides that, I don't personally think there is an issue with smoking weed anyways >>

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