View Poll Results: How do you feel about people playing under the influence of drugs?

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  • I approve, it makes the experience more enjoyable.

    112 17.55%
  • I disapprove of drugs entirely.

    168 26.33%
  • I approve if it's legal.

    21 3.29%
  • I approve if it doesn't affect others' experience in game.

    270 42.32%
  • Other, please explain in reply.

    67 10.50%
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    Stood in the Fire wimbo125's Avatar
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    Raided for a few years drinking and smoking marihuana, didn't destroy my gaming abilities at all. Just made a raiding night more fun.

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    As long as your not being obnoxious or screwing up the raid, I don't care.

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    Dunno about WoW, but being on Eve Online fleets that were a completely drunk sausage-fest got pretty old pretty fast.

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