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    couple quick questions.

    Just dinged 90 on my lock, and grabbed a few pieces of random gear off the ah and equipped some timeless stuff/inscription staff. I was wondering what would be my best option to gear up a little for LFR, and some older raid soloing.

    Xtian on Stormrage US alliance, if anyone wants to check out my armory. I'm completely open to fix any mistakes in my spec/gear. I haven't gemmed or chanted anything yet. I haven't seriously played my lock since vanilla, and I was sm/ruin for raids and afflic for pvp and just fun.

    I scanned the stickies (stickys..) and I just honestly got confused as all hell. I come from more a healing/tanking mindset tbc/cata/wolk.

    Thanks folks.

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    worldbosses, heroic szenarios, timeless isle, pvp gear, crafting, valorpoints, LFR

    pick one

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    In my experience, Timeless Isle is by far the fastest way to gear up a bit in the 5.4 patch.

    I've geared like 4 alts to ~492 ilevel just by running around mindlessly killing/interacting with stuff there. I like to gamble my coins with the treasure monkey in the cave because it can give battle pets and ring/necklace/trinket tokens, but if you're specifically only gearing up a warlock, you might want to do spend your coins on the cloth armor kits from the vendor near Emperor Shaohao. If you're already mostly in 496+ epics, you can save your coins for Burdens to upgrade future tokens to 535.

    Once you have 490 ilevel, I'd say do Siege of Orgrimmar LFR asap. Don't worry about getting the "right" secondary stats like haste or mastery- just try to up your item level and reforge as best you can. Honestly, if you can hit the ilevel for SoO LFR, I'd just do it. If you're making an honest attempt at clearing the raid, you'll probably be more useful than at least 20% of your group.

    If you know tailoring, make sure to make celestial cloth every day, and if you have a lot of gold, consider buying a pair of 553 pants or a 553 belt.

    Beating a celestial boss on the Timeless Isle and Oondasta (or Nalak) every week ought to give you a decent chance at upgrades too.

    Don't forget to acquire your 3 warforged seals every week from your faction shrine, and spend them wisely after checking the drop tables for the bosses you'll be killing. I tend to save mine for bosses that can drop weapons, trinkets, or tier tokens, or bosses that have a high % chance of giving me the loot i want (one or two drops only, or multiple drops that are all upgrades).

    I can't check your profile right now, but for general gearing advice:

    -usually Hit cap first (you can use hit or expertise rating to do this)
    -Mastery is very strong for both Demonology and Destruction
    -Haste is useful for up to about 6000-9000 rating, but some people prefer to max it out- it can GCD cap incinerate though for destruction

    If I remember correctly, the best trinkets per spec are:
    Demonology - Purified Bindings of Immerseus (first boss in Siege of Orgrimmar)
    Destruction, Affliction - Black Blood of Y'shaarj (last boss in Siege of Orgrimmar)

    This is probably more accurate for Demonology and Destruction, I don't follow Affliction very closely.
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    thanks, i'm going to be doing some timeless isle while waiting for lfr.

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