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    Worth it rerolling to Blood DK?

    Hello there,
    I am joining the raidrooster once more and I have a 530 equipped Warrior with legendary cloak and a lvl 90 DK with around 500gs.

    However we currently raid normal 10's and are looking to dip into HC and I want to bring the best of the two.

    I checked epeen bots and it seemed, that on average the top 100 parses of blood dks are higher compared to prot warriors.

    The only thing going for the prot warrior is the legendary cloak, already know how to play it correctly and rallying cry + banners. However we already have a Warrior tank in the raid so we would only be doubling up on those things.

    While a Blood DK doesn't bring much raidutility (especially since we already have a DPS DK in the rooster) I feel the DK is fit to do at least some stuff, that the warrior isn't able to bring. Malkorok AoE healing comes to mind.

    If I had the time I would quickly reroll to a Monk, but that ain't possible.

    So what to do? I know that the prot warriors are strong this time around, but can Blood DKs compare or even outshine a prot warrior in terms of dps?

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    You're gonna want to swap to the Blood DK before you get going on hard modes. You're not going to want two warrior tanks on the main roster for sure... and imagine the terrible progress you'll be making when you factor in having to split the tier tokens between the two of you. Your raid could be way heavy on vanqs being a 10 man I would imagine that's quite common, but still. It won't be very hard to catch up to the warrior in gear also since neither character is very geared at the moment so take this opportunity to switch before the warrior is decked out and it's too late.

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    I main a warrior tank with a DK as my partner and gearing is no problem. He loves his mastery while I'm a slut for anything with avoidance or crit. However how it works out is that there are no strength DPS in the raid while you have already said you have the DK DPS.

    I'd reroll to the monk. Take a week to level it while having your guildies boost you as much as possible. Once you hit max level you can get to 500 ilvl in 20 minutes. Have your guild ready to take you through all 4 wings of LFR, flex and as much normal mode as they can manage with you there, even if the other DK has to go tank while you get carried as a DPS. Have the crafted 553 Belt and Legs and the 522 Head and boots + timeless isle gear.

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    play what you want to play -> all tanks are equally viable at the level of play you are at

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