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    Immersius 10H Tips&Tricks!


    Were a 10man guild doing hc's these days, were kind of in the progressing phase.

    in 2 weeks we've killed Noru - Sha - Gala and General.

    We have skipped Immersius due to abit of a third healer issue, so i've picked the fights that best for 2 healing in my opinion, we have no problem killings the bosses above, and from that perspective and the difficulty of those bosses how will immersius and fallen be? Are those more of a 3 healers bosses?

    Questions? Are this boss 1 tank doable? How difficult will 2 healing be with that many hybrids? We prefer to use our lock, any tips & tricks for this ecounter?



    Lock / Disc
    Ele sham

    Warr Tank

    Holy pal
    Holy pal

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    If you have enough DPS to push before a second breath (might even be able to pop a CD and soak it, not sure), then yes, it's very solo-tankable. If you've killed the bosses you said on HC, I really can't understand why you haven't killed Immerseus, it's a joke compared to those fights.
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    I think you'll struggle to solo tank either fight tho technically its possible.

    If your healers are strong you should be able to 2 heal both fights. You'd need to be smart about protectors, you have a lot of BoP's and bubbles for garrotte. You also have ancestral guidance / VE / boomie tranq and NV for desperate measures phases.

    To be honest I find immerseus a royal pain in the arse so we 3 heal it. It just feels safer that way to me. Plenty will disagree :P

    Edit: You have 3 dps that are capable of using a healing spec. You should strongly consider making one of them go heals for the odd fight. If you want to push heroics people need to get out of the "but but I'm a dps!!!" mindset.
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    Get your holy paladin(one of them) to use Righteous furyon Immerseus. It will draw all the adds to him, tank picks them up and they get aoe'd down. Works perfect for us. Immerseus is defo 2 healable, everyone just needs to stay in range, and to keep their stacks from going to 100.

    for protectors 3 healing just gives more room for mistakes. It's defo 2 healable, but interrupts etc must be alot cleaner than with 3 healers.

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    Fallen Protectors should be no problem with your setup posted above. Immerseus can be rough to start progression with only 2 healers but is still do able.

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    We got only 4 heroics under our belt and Protectors was arguably one of the easiest ones for us so far. 2man healed it with a druid and disc priest at around 565ilvl.

    We always use 3 healers at Immerseus but last week 1 of the healers died at 60% and no CR and still managed to kill him (although it took much longer zzZZz). But easily 2man healable, you just need to be careful with stacks and be in range of a healer when transitioning back to phase 1.

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    We had an issue with DPS not beeing able to keep an eye on their debuffs.. and tanks picking up the adds before our poor holy pally got consumed by all the adds..

    So we run a different tactic then most for ph1.

    We stand on the biggest of the platforms, the one with the stairs.
    The current Imm tank is on the platform to the right.

    All dps go mental on the boss, and when the adds start coming bunch up near the boss using a warlock portal ( range heavy group ).
    Then we use Mass dispel twice to get rid of the stacks and AoE all the adds down.
    Due to this tactic nearly all 50 will come out at once making ph1 cake..
    After the adds are dead, we just whale on the boss till the transition.

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    The only real reason we 3 heal is due to the number of Healing Adds vs DPS adds later in the fight.

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    if hunter is using crows tell him to take it off! it will cause him to gain stacks. tow healing the fight is recommended as there is a good amount of damage but very easy to handle after the third rotation of stacks. 4 stacks max per person, anything more becomes unhealable for most healers. Your rogue can pull off 30 stacks by himself if he knows how. The guardian will be better equipped for boss first than adds. if needed he can also take 2 corrosive blast if il 555+ but make sure you have rolling cooldowns or he will be scrubbed out.

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    good god 2 holy pal?!?!?

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    I'd take the third healer (despite being offspec) any day for Immerseus. If your dpsers are at least semi-competent, there's nothing to be gained from increased dps. Two healing the later transitions is quite risky.

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    The ele shaman can very well use his current gear on his restoration spec.

    I've been 2 healing our raids (normal 10man) with a holy paladin with my ele gear resto spec without problems (only think I switched is my helmet for metagem and a trinket [immerseus dps trinket gives enough secondary stats to ignore its proc]). I'm not ranked, but it is enough.

    It would even work better on immerseus because all the blobs spawn with close to no health so it's resto shaman paradise (because of mastery)

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    On Immersius, have one of the tank stand in the middle of the pool during the add phase to shrink the puddle significantly, gives you a lot more time for dps or heals to get more adds. You might need tank cds at high stacks of that debuff.

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    Holy pal
    Holy pal

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