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    DreamHack 2013 Winter

    So.. I think it has begun? From November 28th until 1st of December...

    Anyone got any sort of information about it? Same demo as in Blizzcon? Same concept with slight changes and work in the past 3 weeks?
    Perhaps something completely different and/or bigger in scale?

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    If anything of note comes from it (I doubt there will be much to show let alone prep in the three weeks since Blizzcon) we'll know soon on the front page I imagine!

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    Doesn't seem like any major news came out, but the demo could be more up to date.
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    Dreamhack has never had anything game related announced that haven't been said earlier as far as I know.
    It's all about the LAN and Esports

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    well day 1 is over and haven't heard anything :\

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