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    Boomkin DoT refreshing

    So, if I am refreshing a dot that is about to fall off what is the optimal time left to refresh it? less than 1-2 seconds or? Thanks!

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    Between the last and second to last tick. But you also have to weight in things like eclipse and meta and trinket procs, so you usually end up refreshing with a few ticks left.

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    Dot's arent so important anylonger as they were before.

    You want to keep Nature's Grace up before dotting, as an example

    you have pre lunar 60. here you really want to hit lunar before dotting, since your DoT is the main Source of your Starsurge procs. so dotting, hitting Eclipse for 15% spell haste and Dotting Again, would be waste of 2 global CD's + remember the 10289 haste breakpoint is CALCULATED with Nature's Grace. in other words, non-nature grace dots are useless.

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    I highly suggest getting Aff dots with the boomy plug in. This add on made dots so much easier for me to get in terms of when to refresh. It tells you if a dot would be stronger, weaker, or the same power if you were to refresh it. Making it as simple as a check to see if it would be stronger or weaker, and how much time is left. It also allows you to notice for instance, that while the dot is about to run out, if you refreshed it, the dot would be less powerful, so you let the last tick finish, refreshing it as the count down hits zero. This combined with WA icons for each of the main buffs you get (trinket, weapon, nature's grace and so on) makes it a pretty fool proof way of handling dots.

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