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    Heroic Sha of Pride or Heroic Dark Shamans

    My guild just killed Heroic Galakras putting us at 6/14H. But now our options are Heroic Shamans or Heroic Sha of Pride...

    Which should we shoot to kill next, and what are some good tips for both.

    Current Progression and our kill order

    Immersius ~ Down 1st
    Protectors ~ Down 2nd
    Norushen ~ Down 3rd
    Sha of Pride ~ Alive
    Galakras ~ Down 6th
    Iron Jug ~ Down 4th
    Dark Shaman ~ Alive
    Nazgrim ~ Down 5th
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    I think you forgot to

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    Sha seems to become a lot easier with gear than shamans. Go for that

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    Well since you've already killed sha this week, then it would be neither. General Nazgrim would be your best shot, but if you do have 3 tanks then give shamans a try, sha is a lot easier though so go for that next reset.

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    If you are 6/14 H already then head for sha, should me close to oneshot as long as people focuses on doing the fight right. We killed it as our 4th heroic (also 6 ATM, progressing on IJ) and it was easier than expected.

    Also @Hypasonic: They are at 6 heroics with sha and shamans not down, so they do have nazgrim down (6 out of the first 8), as any guild able to kill malk heroic should more or less faceroll sha heroic

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    Sha is easier than shamans by a mile.

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    They're both pretty easy on 25-man, but Sha is easily the easiest. Both fights are about every person in the raid doing their part in terms of mechanics and just not DPS, and the mechanics are easier for Sha.

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    hmm, oddly enough i found dark shamans to be easier than sha, atleast if you use the 3 tank strat dark shamans becomes a lot easier and imo easier than sha but i guess that depends a lot on the setup and strat you use.

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    Sha much easier than Shamans even with 3 tank tactic, still takes quite a bit of healing, cds, movement etc etc.

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    Do sha, no contest.

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    Sha is a lot easier than shamans in both 10 and 25 man.

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    my guild used 10-12 attempt to kill dark shamans hc using the 3 tank strat, we used more on sha but im in a weird guild, we take longer on easier fights and shorter on harder fights lol.

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    You should deffinetely go for sha, but I do think shaman is easier with 3 tanks still. I always heal the ranged group down at th e bottom and it is such as sneeze fest you can quite easily solo heal it with competent tank. I suppose being with melee group is the more intense part. That fight more about movement than anything. Sha is rather close to same difficulty, not that hard but certainly bit more difficult than the bosses around it.That's not really saying much considering difficulty of the bosses around it.

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    Definetly Sha should have knocked it our earlier IMO but I would knock it now before Shaman can probably get Sha down in one night tbh

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    Both fights are pretty easy. If you killed the other 6 bosses already, you shouldn't have a huge amount of trouble with either Sha or Dark Shamans. We did things in a similar order.

    After reaching 6/14, we then killed Sha within about 1 hours of pulls, and using the 3-tank strat killed Dark Shamans on the second pull. Both fights were much much easier than we had expected, with the gear we had from the 6 heroic bosses we'd already killed.
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    I think Sha took us 22-24 attempts (most out of any of the first 8 bosses) and Dark Shamans took us 13 wipes I think. 3 tank tactic in 10man was ridiculously easy and 10 out of 13 wipes was because our 3rd tank is _always_ dps and our 3rd healer is _always_ dps (but he respecced Disc because Disc > resto shaman on the side with 2 people).

    We wiped 3 times because of the side with 8 people and I think all 3 wipes were due to either someone running out of Iron Tomb before the cast was finished or not reacting fast enough to the Foul Stream. Get that right and Dark Shamans is probably one of the easiest heroic fights. It really is super easy, but it requires a good raid comp to make it that easy. But sure, that tactic is a bit harder in 25man since there are a lot more people required to react, unless you go with a severely melee heavy team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rioo View Post
    They're both pretty easy on 25-man, but Sha is easily the easiest. Both fights are about every person in the raid doing their part in terms of mechanics and just not DPS, and the mechanics are easier for Sha.
    uhu so wiping because an idiot is too stupid to run into the pool when he gets 50% corruption is easiyer then having 2 seperated camps with 4-5 melees taking harom and the others range dd's kill the other shaman? melees just have to handle pools and range kite the boss around is soooooo much more harder we killed shamans like in our 5th try while sha took us about 20 trys for some ppl t realize what they have to do and when they have to do it
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    Heroic Sha is definitely easier than heroic Shamans. Kinda surprised you haven't already killed him.

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    Not sure I understand why you killed Galakras before Pride. If you can kill one you can kill the other (both 10 and 25), and Sha of Pride is earlier in the raid ...
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