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  • Heroic Sha of Pride 25

    85 89.47%
  • Heroic Dark Shamans 25

    10 10.53%
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    Sha of Pride is rather easy just make sure to close rifts and get the person out the pac-man phase

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    Sha of Pride is a very small step up from Protectors/Norushen on 10, so I suggest Sha. However, with the 3-tank strat on Dark Shamans, there are arguably less abilities to deal with than on normal, since you're separating the two bosses. Even though we took less attempts to get our first Shamans kill, and still have wiped less on Shamans, going for Sha is still the correct choice for most guilds.

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    You shouldn't have too much trouble with either boss to be honest.

    Sha of Pride is the less difficult of the two IMO.
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    Sha of Pride took us maybe 40 pulls, Dark Shaman took 3.

    Really, bosses should be done in order without skipping this tier.

    Dark Shamans are a joke of a fight if you separate them and use 3 tanks. Sha of Pride will take a while before nobody wipe you due to finding out where their projections are and to not die in pac-man.
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    Sha of Pride requires a surprisingly low amount of gear to get through and is mostly just a mechanics check. If you got the mechanics down and have 6/14H worth of gear then it should fall fairly easily.

    Shamans requires more gear than Sha and can be quite gibby/annoying at times, so I'd personally recommend it for 8th.

    Sometimes guilds click differently with the two fights, Sha has always been fairly easy for us while Shamans took a bit longer to get our first kill on and tends to be a messy (though still 1-2 shot) farm kill every week.

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