Hey guys,

Just thought i'd share some tips with you all on how to get the winter daily quest "You're a Mean one..." done very quickly. To get this done you will need:

Your Hearthstone set to the quest city (Stormwind/Ogrimmar) or Shrine
Challenge Mode portal for Scholomance or a Mage

1) Pick up quest in city
2) Portal to either: Old Dalaran (mage)*, Undercity (horde mage), or use your Scholomance challenge mode portal
3) Fly to the quest area
4) Hearthstone back

if all goes well and its dead already you can get a round done within 3 minutes, making it much less of a chore to do on multiple characters (if you're unlucky like me and still need the pet!)

I know most of this might seem obvious, but took me more than a day to figure out

*This requires the purchase of Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran - be prepared to slowfall/levitate/bubble or just plain die

//Panthea @ Tarren Mill EU