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    Tips for heroic Immserius

    My guild has a lot easier time with Norushen heroic, but Immersius just seems to beast on us. How do you position your raid group, deal with adds during spoils. When do you lust. How do tanks handle corrosive blast/adds together. where do you normaly position your tanks

    All help is greatly appreciated

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    Listing the classes in your group would help. Put everyone in a straight line on the platform behind Immerseus when you first come in, by the stairs. Heroism on pull and move over a step to the right (or left depending which side you stand on) whenever a puddle comes out. If you have a Disc Priest or MW Monk have everyone get to 5 stacks and either stack up for mass dispel or pop revival. If you don't have either of those, just get to 4-5 stacks and wait for them to drop off, and immediately get back on the boss. Don't AOE the adds until the boss is stripped of all of his stacks.

    As soon as the stacks on the players are cleared, the boss should have about 20 more stacks. Keep DPSing until all of the stacks are off, have the tanks pick up all the adds and AOE them down, giving you plenty of time to finish off the boss before submerge. If you have a paladin, have him pop righteous fury so all of the adds run to him and are thus easier for the tanks to gather up. Remember corrosive blast has a rather long cooldown. So, right after a tank eats a blast, have him help out gather the adds, just make sure he faces the boss away when the next blast is coming, you have about 30 seconds.

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    As Nebs mentioned, pulling from behind Immerseus is recommended. It's a larger slice of platform, and thus you can see puddles more clearly. If your raid runs out of room or seems to take too much damage from the puddles, the line formation is helpful. Remember that since tanks have to be to the left (or right) of the line, healers will need to stand closest to Immerseus in the line to reach them, followed by melee, and then ranged in the back. Remind people about the positioning when adds come out. Some tend to forget everything and tunnel AOE the adds.

    During split phase, it's fine to have everyone split up as long as they realize they may be out of healer range. Everyone should know which direction they'd have to run (back to phase 1 positioning) to get in healing range. You can opt to have everyone on one half of the room, just keep in mind that if a large amount spawns on the other side, it does have to be dealt with.

    Tanks are usually to the left of my raid, but either side is no different. They just have to be about one slice over to either side. Remember though, they only have to be on the sides *if* there is a Corrosive Blast coming up. Other times, they can be closer, or come help AOE the adds down. Tanks swap on one stack, and the tank that most recently took a frontal picks up the adds. In split phase, both tanks should be taking turns in the center pool, standing at the rim so they can quickly go in and out when needed.

    All in all, if you're having issues surviving, have the DPS take one less stack. 4 is a very safe number to have. Make sure the DPS do know the status of their debuff stacks, so they can go right back to hitting Immerseus when dispelled or it drops off. The DPS requirement really isn't tight. Bloodlust on the pull, don't forget about immunities, raid CDs, dispels. Avoid Swirls. Everything gets much easier after the first tank phase.

    Good luck!

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    Prepot + bloodlust on the pull, Second pots on the second phase. We line up our ranged and healers with the healers in front, melee do their own thing a bit to our right, tanks to our left. With each puddle we step left tanks inclusive, after a corrosive blast we have our dk tank come in and tank + aoe grip as many adds as possible. If you get through the first two phases the rest of the fight is just grind to the finish, have your dps players who are capable of casting some heals start doing blues after a while since there won't be enough blacks for your pure dps to be useful killing anyway.
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