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    Post LFR: Struggling with healing numbers

    Hey all -

    So as the title says, I'm struggling with healing numbers at the moment in LFR. I completed the Garrosh fight in SoO with ~ 35k hps. One or two people died in there but we managed to get it done without much sweat. My armory link is here:


    Sitting at ~ ilvl 500 I was told earlier on that I should be pushing ~100k hps. I know my gear isn't exactly optimised in terms of enchants and reforging. I'm quite low on gold so don't want to be busting on gems and the like on gear that I will be getting rid of shortly. That being said, I doubt it'll alter my stats too much to boost my hps to that level. I do realise that aiming for about ~100k is quite high and I'm not expecting to just hit that number. I've seen other restos hitting ~75k so I reckon that's a more reasonable target. I want to go for a mastery build, so will be switching my gems around accordingly. I don't intend to do higher difficulty raids, perhaps some Flex later on.


    What am I meant to be doing? I normally earth shield up a tank, then unleash elements before putting a riptide on him right at the pull. I keep healing rain up on the melee as often as I can notice. I drop my hst as often as I notice as well. I think the struggle is at this point, what am I meant to be doing between cooldowns? Should I be popping riptide on other members? I don't think that's the right option since I'll burn my mana fast. Should I be spamming healing wave on the tank? Most of the time a lot of the raid are fairly close to full health. So I don't see a slow chain heal being very productive.

    Please help!!

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    You should read the guide at Icy-Veins.


    Start from there, look at the "Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities" section, and compare with what you're doing. After that, what questions do you have?
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    I had already read up that guide. Hence how I'm aware to keep the cooldowns on check.

    Should I constantly be spamming healing wave on the tank and other raid members? Should I be waiting for them to take hits?

    @Hekili - thanks for the response.
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    1: doing 100k hps at your gear level is pretty hard to reach you should be doing more like 60-70 which sounds realistic in my opinion
    2: earth shield on tank, keep it up always
    3:healing rain, always keep it up
    4: generally you should indeed keep spamming healing wave. Chain heal is in moments of high damage, so when you see health pools decrease a bit go along with the minor healing totem, and in moments of alerting high damage use the big healing totem (if you got the talent atleast)

    For the rest just keep healing rain up and when there is almost no damage around the raid use healing wave on tank and keep riptide up with unleashed elements.

    hope this helped

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    Didn't do LFR since 5.4 but usually there's one or two geared healers who know the fights and will snipe most of the healing, not leaving much to do to the less experimented/geared healers.
    But from what you said you could probably improve your hps.

    First, looking at your armory you have too much mastery. Especially in LFR, people don't get low so your ~50% base mastery (after reforging everything) is more than enough! Then, you should go for the 7613 haste breakpoint as soon as possible. You should be able to do so when your gear reach 515-520 ilvl without gimping your spirit and crit too much. Your spirit seems fine. Crit is then your best stat after reaching your haste breakpoint and spirit comfort level (and it will increase your regen).
    Also you really should get a metagem. It's quite a huge bonus.
    To sum up : spirit until you're comfortable > haste up to 7613 (when you reach 515-520 ilvl) > crit >>>>> mastery

    Concerning your talents/glyphs, you probably shouldn't use Riptide Glyph in LFR. If you sometimes have mana problem, you should use glyph of totemic recall and recall your hst just when it's going to expire. Don't know about lfr, but if you find your CH don't jump as you'd like, use CH glyph (but I'm pretty sure you can use unglyphed CH on melees in every fight if LFR. Also, as most shaman use Glyph of Deluge, I found it was better not using it so that I can differentiate my CH from other shamans)

    Now concerning your sell casts
    First UE should always be used before Healing Rain. A 30% stronger HR is much more hps than a 30% stronger Riptide.
    Use HST on CD and don't forget to use Call of the Elements (if you forget it it's probably better to use Totemic Projection talent).
    Then keep Earth Shield on tank and use Riptide on cd.
    In LFR Chain Heal is a good filler spell. Always cast it on a Riptide target, and preferably on someone with Earth Shield (yours or from another shaman).
    If you use Conductivity and you can't sustain CH spam, then use Healing Wave when CH is not needed (you should always be casting to make full use of Conductivity). Use Healing Surge or Healing Wave if someone needs some fast/big healing (but it should be your least used spells in lfr).
    Use Mana Tide as soon as you reach 70-80% mana, so that you can use it again later if needed.
    Also, you should plan in advance when you have to use your cooldowns (HTT and Ascendance), as I'm pretty sure there isn't much big unexpected damage in LFR.
    Use an addon like Weak Aura to let you know when Riptide/HST are off cooldown, when you should recall HST and when you should use Mana Tide.
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    Sorry but I wouldn't judge much on your ability to heal LFR.

    Combine extremely low incoming damage with potent proactive heals and you have extremely efficient proactive healers and king-of-the-overheal reactive healers (aka shamans.) Plus any healer significantly outgearing you in that LFR will significantly nullify your healing.

    Heal a flex, judge from that.

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    Looking at overhealing will also help give an idea on whether you are simply struggling to put out the numbers or whether other healers are beating you to the heals. 100k at i500 is a steep ask. I am i562 and on normal garrosh I am only doing 110-120k. It depends on a lot of factors including how much damage your raid can avoid taking in the first place and how competent the other heal is.

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    You shouldn't worry too much about LFR.
    There is usually a very low amount of damage, and when it exists the raid gets topped off very quickly.
    If you are just concerned about HPS, you will have to "cheat" by using cooldowns on moments of burst damage (snipe heal).
    I don't know if LFR garrosh has that Iron Star on 1st phase and if he casts the whirlind corruption on later phases, but try to time your healing CD's around that time.
    You could also try ancestral guidance to "snipe" heal on those moments.
    Ányway, healing LFR is a bit boring, try to join a few flex raids through the addon oqueue.

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    LFR is a very bad way to gauge your healing ability especially in that low of gear.

    Before you do anything else, go get new bracers, you have a 430 ilvl blue with the rest of your 496 gear. You're better off grinding timeless isle until you get something, even with the worst stats the pure int will be worth it, plus then you can put +int on them which will be about a 500 int difference plus secondary stats.

    Second off the other healers in LFR highly affect how much healing you can do. For example on my holy paladin I can basically solo heal LFR, and because of that it highly cuts back on the healing other healers can do because it stacks up mastery absorbs and reduces their healing. This is purely because absorbs happen before any form of damage so it will never be healed. By definition LFR has low damage, and so it's alot easier to mitigate most of it through absorbs. So if you're seeing you only do 30k HPS when there's 3 paladins stacking mastery absorbs, or 2 disc priests, it's most likely just less damage needs healed.

    Stat balance: You're at 2329 haste, the 12.5% break point is at 3039 haste without Ancestral Swiftness, or 871 without it. unless you can reforge down to 871 haste i would recommend reforging up to 3039 and swapping out AS for Elemental Mastery unless you find the instant cast a requirement.

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