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    I am looking for some cool class-specific tactics, for example
    ○ Priests can use Void Shift to instantly heal a Contaminated Puddle up to full, but it leaves you with low and in danger of Erupting Sha It is still a risk worth taking
    ○ Priests can use Leap of Faith to drag a Contaminated Puddle back, giving you more time heal it

    I would love if someone could share some of their class-secrets for Immerseus to start off with : )

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    So I just learned of a handy function called "Optimize for gif" in my gif making program. Basically every gif looks the same but is x3 times smaller.

    Expect the current gifs and the new ones in the future to load 3 times faster!
    As a resto druid I look for groupings of puddles and place c a shroom closer to centre of room so if possible 3 puddles will merge onto it. I then bloom tge shroom as they cross it this will heal 3 to full at once. If you are lucky eniugh to get 3 together. In any case I will plant the shroom in preperation for one puddle then focus heal anither that wont cross over the shroom I plan to bloom. Gerally I am able to heal up 3 per split sometimes 4.

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    These are bloody genius - thank you!

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