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    WTB Siege of Ogrimar HC Full Clear boost!! i pay ??? !! HORDE !!!!

    hallo im lookking for a boost in SOO HC FULL CLEAR....

    Perf 25 man.. i will have full acces on loot on all bosses

    /w me the price in here for more info or in game Diblo#2666


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    if you are looking only on your own realm, maybe you should try wow official forums, on your realm forum, or just contact the highest guilds in there..

    if moving server for the boost is a possibility, take a look in here http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8498350836

    not my guild and im not afiliated with them in any way, just trying to help out

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diblo View Post

    Perf 25 man.. i will have full acces on loot on all bosses
    How many characters you have gold capped on that server?

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    This is why I am ashamed to be on TN horde..

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    I hope you got a shitload of gold and no pride to speak of. Because you will have neither after your boost.

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    how is this not locked yet

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    Method is on your server, just ask them?

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    Is this allowed?
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    I bet he is offering 1k
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    Heh. So much for "achievements".

    Quite honestly it would cost you probably ~ 500000 gold easily seeing as it's 25man and you want access to all loot.

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    This is agains't terms of use, why thread isn't locked yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceventura View Post
    This is agains't terms of use, why thread isn't locked yet?
    Because it isn't in gold, and stop trying to be a mini-mod. Only on mmo-champion do people care about rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Is this allowed?
    For gold yes, for real money no but blizzard wont do anything about it aslong as you are discrete.

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    For full access to loot from every boss you're looking at well over 1 million gold, just saying.

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    I suspect no guild are going to sell FULL access to all loot, things there raiders don't need mainspec is usually included, but i seriously doubt anyone is going to give up heroic warforged BiS stuff no matter how much you pay. Expect to pay about 3/4 million with the mount and all loot not needed by the raid and 1/2 million for just the clear and spare loot
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    These type of threads aren't allowed here.

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