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    Moonkin, am i doing it wrong?

    Hey! New MMO Champ-user here.

    I've been a druid since vanilla, but for some reason i've never tried balance. Just fell in love with moonkins.
    At first my dps seemed fine, always top 3 in LFR, even 1st on some bosses, that was before i tried flex. Never felt more useless. Classes with about the same ilvl doing so much more, and the aoe? soooo bad.

    Cant post links yet, please go to wow eu, Search for Yenster on Sylvanas realm to inspect my char

    On a heroic dummy i can reach about 140k (200k burst) 534 ilvl

    My opener/rotation

    1. Starfall
    2. cast 1 wrath to hit lunar Eclipse
    3. Cast Incarnation
    4. Moonfire -> sunfire
    4. 2nd starfall
    5. Starsurge/starfire intill im out of lunar eclipse
    6. Celestial Alignment, refresh dots (2nd refresh when 1 sec left)
    7. 3rd starfall
    8. spam starfire/starsurge
    10. Normal rotation
    11. repeat 1-8 after 3 min/hero

    For aoe i just dot everything and spam starsurge

    Im new to dot clipping, i get the idea, but i find it a bit hard.


    What kind of dps should i be doing with my gear? 534 ilvl

    Are there addons that can help me improve?

    Any pro tips?

    Im 1% over the hit cap, hard to do anything about it at the moment, used to be resto. Im trying to get better trinkets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
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    A couple of things I immediately noticed:

    Get rid of that Ysaarj trinket ASAP. It's absolutely trash for Boomy with the way our skills work the stacking Int is really hard to take advantage of. It's probably better then getting one of the ToT valor trinkets, but replace it. Go do a few dungeons and get a better trinket, there are like 4 that are upgrades that you can get from Justice vendors that are better then the DMC one you are using.

    You may want to try out going to the GCD cap with haste, if you can keep a good amount of crit still it would be a DPS increase for sure, and usually people are doing it around your item level.

    You are using Resto gear. I'm going to go ahead and assume Boomy is either your off spec, or you are transitioning over, but still, thats no good, and could be why you can't get closer to the hit cap.

    Are you using reforgelite, or Askmrrobot? Both of those can probably get you closer to that hit cap then that, but maybe not. However, being over the cap by that much and still using all those int spirit gems, is silly. Get rid of them and use pure int, or ignore the bonus and gem crit. (Get on AMR and allow it to change your gems as well, and it will tell you how best to reach the caps, but you must first sim your toon and get proper stat weights for AMR or it doesn't really work that well.)

    All in all it looks like you are either really casual, or just don't play that much or something, because a great deal of the issues with your gear and such are easily fixed by common sense. Read a few guides, learn to sim, and use the available tools. It isn't exciting, and may seem like a waste of time, but simming your character and then using the stat weights in AMR combined with some common sense will answer literally all of your questions.

    With your item level you should be doing at least 150k DPS if not more, I'm pretty close to you and single target I'm doing like 160-180k sustained DPS and around 210-250k initial burst. (I'm only at 530 though.)

    Get aff dots and the boomy plug in for help tracking dots, and use WA to track CD's. You may also want to try out the solar opener if you go for the GCD break point, but I'm not sure if you should be or not, since you don't have to PPM trinkets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damerflinn View Post
    Get rid of that Ysaarj trinket ASAP. It's absolutely trash for Boomy...
    I don't agree with this at all. Neither does the math that slippykins did on trinket ranking (found here). You'll notice that it's just behind Kardris'. Sure, either Kardris' or Purified Bindings would be better, but it's far from 'trash'. I would be more concerned with replacing the Darkmoon Card.

    I personally wouldn't pick up that much mastery with so little crit. You'd probably be better off putting that mastery into the 10289 haste breakpoint (a huge quality of life increase, in addition to the extra dot tick), since it seems like you're maxed out on available crit.

    If you can post logs from a flex or lfr, we can help you more on your rotation. Otherwise, I would suggest using a site like askmrrobot to help you make gear adjustments (you're wasting stats by being so far over hit cap).

    Force of Nature beats Incarnation on single target fights. Find a way to monitor your procs (I prefer weakauras), and use your trees with meta+trinkets when possible.

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrington View Post
    Force of Nature beats Incarnation on single target fights.
    I hope you are not serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabb View Post
    I hope you are not serious.
    Is this no longer the case? I consistently get better single target numbers with FoN. The only two fights I get to use it on are Juggernaut and Malkorok, but I still get significantly better single target by using my Treants with trinket procs + NG and Meta. The only fight I've stopped using them on is Normal mode Malkorok because we kill him right around the 3 minute mark and I can inflate my end numbers more with Incarnation.

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    Incarnation vs FoN depends on your gear. If you have 2 SoO trinkets you'll likely want to use Incarnation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    Incarnation vs FoN depends on your gear. If you have 2 SoO trinkets you'll likely want to use Incarnation.
    Hm okay. I have Shamans and Immerseus, so I suppose Ill stick with Incarnation. Thanks for the heads up.

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    FoN is slightly worse but definitely viable still. I've used it with high-end gear and have seen nice numbers with that.
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