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    I love Timeless Isle.... just my 2 cents

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    It needs work, but its a vast improvement on world of dailycraft.

    Need rares to have more health or scale so people can get there, needs to be bigger and with multiple events at any one time scattered around the area, needs a better alert system, or more predictable events, as well as random rares.

    But its preferable to dailies...
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    Some will like it, some will hate it. I wish people would stop acting like their opinion is fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    I find timeless isle to be one of the best things Blizz put into the game, oh well. to each his own.
    Exactly this. No one is forced to do it, there's rares where you can save up coins to for example gamble for a pet or an upgrade for your timeless items. The items aren't that good even though they're 496(535 upgraded). They´re kinda equal to SoO LFR(I would even replace a upgraded timeless item for a SoO LFR because it's giving me the right stats+sockets etc.

    Many people including my self don't have the time to run LFR with multiple chars a week going through many LFR to get gear to move on to the next raid tier.

    Also you get a mount(huolon) and multiple battle pet drop around the isle which I love.

    Only thing I dislike about Timeless Isle is the item which makes your own faction turn on you. That is what is the biggest failure ever, no one should be able to turn on their own faction, not in WoW, not in ANY MMO game.

    And also it gives me a place where I can run around on my ground mount not feeling forced to use my flying mount.
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    You haven't played many games I see.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inval1d View Post
    Some will like it, some will hate it. I wish people would stop acting like their opinion is fact.
    Exactly, opinions aren't facts. And seeing how the poll went in another post most people preferred Timeless isle then any other content MoP brought(which is basically the same since TBC). No one likes to do daily quests for 5 faction each day, I was spending just over 2+ hours a day for 3 weeks back at MoP release and I was like 1-2 weeks away from exalted everywhere except Golden Lotus. Just to be able to purchase the items with points.

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    Good idea, but too small a scale to work imo, not enough to do and not difficult enough.

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    OP, if you literally hate anything in this video game or any other, it's time to reconsider the direction your life is going in.

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    I went there to get the 3 mounts and 20 battle pets. Tanking SoO in full timeless isle gear and a blue weapon was a pretty fun experience lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Csnyder View Post
    whats worse it that they force you to do it everyday for the rest of your life, oh i forgot, they dont force you to do anything in wow you dont want to
    but you still feel the need to complain, try switching to blacksmith or enchanter, crybaby is a poor profession for making gold in wow
    The thing is, that if the content that's put out there for you to do doesn't engage you, so you choose not to do it; you find the game somewhat lacking and you log off. I don't think that's healthy for the game if large numbers of people are choosing not to participate in that content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by velde046 View Post
    Poll on frontpage would indicate that 50% actually like the Timeless Isle as their preferred daily PVE content area, all other patches get way lower votes. Of course this can be skewed somewhat towards Timeless Isle due to the fact you can get easy epic gear for alts, but still....
    And the fact that the 'dailies and progressive story' is split amongst several different options. For example I voted 5.1, but the deciding factor between that and 5.2 was the solo scenario gating that kept my Holy Paladin from participating. :\
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    Battlebeard you are so damn right.....the timeless isle is the worst bullshit i have ever seen in a game.

    Ok, dailies like MoP 5.0.....a hell too, but dailies like the Argent Tournament, the best thing ever. I have done them the 10th or 11th time with an alt only two weeks ago. Blizz should remind themselves on them. They were the best way. Same goes for Thundering Isle and Molten Front. I liked them too. They weren't as great as the Tournament, but they were very good.

    And there is another BIG BIG downside on this Timeless Horror. When something like Dailies comes out with a new patch, well you have a calculated amount of time/afford you have to do per Day. You can plan ahead. When you get up in the morning you exactly know: Today i have to spent about an hour of time for everything and after that i'm free. With Timeless Horror you can't. There are bullshit amounts of things you can do to improve or you can achieve. And if you don't want to fall behind the others you HAVE to do that. This sums up to 2-3 Weeks of hours over hours of stupid grinding and a lot of nights without sleep. I for myself was nearly burnt out after Timeless Horror and was an inch away from quitting WoW due to enormous exhaustion. I decided for myself: FUCK YOU Timeless Horror.....i stopped doing this. Completely. At first I tried only to do the weekly for my Valor Cap. I stopped that too. I can't stand to see another turtle. I dreamed of Turtles....rotating Turtles.......NEVER EVER AGAIN. I rather go 4 days a week on HC Scenario and HC Dungeon than to set one foot on this fucked up Isle.

    If WoD will be like Timeless Horror as a whole.....bye bye WoW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battlebeard View Post

    I just had it now with this island and wanted to see if anyone out there would agree that this is the by far worst idea Blizzard ever had. Some people like this island but personally I truly hate it. I want a stronger word then hate, because I hated Isle of Thunder too, !
    You hate Isle of thunder, you hate timeless isle

    this game is not for you, no need to make a topic about how you hate the game

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    Yep have to agree with the OP Timeless Island is putrid.

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    Play Ride to Hell: Retribution. Then, come back and lecture us on "worst idea in any game, ever".

    Because you can't back that post title up.

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    Too many "I prefer to work for my gear" comments in this thread. The stuff from Timeless Isle is 496. Equal to what people were wearing a year ago when Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Springs were relevant... If you're content with using that then you do not seem to grasp the concept of MMOs; that is an endless grind to get the best stuff before the new best stuff is out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baronthefirst View Post
    It kept most of the people I know busy for like maybe 2 days before it got boring.
    ^This was my problem w/ Timeless Isle, I was bored w/ it w/in the fist day or two. The overall idea of it sounded great but there just wasn't enough substance to keep my attention. I like the whole exploration idea and wish Blizz would go into it much more (kinda like GW2). Overall the isle was MoP's Ruby Sanctum... just bullshit content to give ppl something to do and catch up alts until WoD!, only problem is it got boring literally on day 2.

    The one thing they should've done is have the Moss Covered chest, w/ reduced rewards ofcourse after first interaction, regenerate weekly at random locations. Give ppl sort of a weekly easter egg hunt rather than a one time hunt.
    As far as the 496 ilvl tokens, I did use them to fill in missing pieces on alts but I think they were just entirely a bad idea. If ppl can't earn that ilvl gear through the somewhat raiding and cooperative play in lfr than they have no right to it because it does just hurt the players and added more "class ignorant" players into the LFR pool and it already has more than enough.

    Overall I think Timeless Isle was a good idea just really piss poor implementation. They could've done much better w/ it and made it so much more interesting and longer lasting PVE content or atleast I think they could've.

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    i disagree that its the worst idea created in any game ever. having played everquest and star wars galaxies, the timeless isle is really not even in their league.

    however, it does suck, i go there as little as possible, and i really really really hope the 'timeless isle model' is only a small portion of the next expansion.

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    its dumb.,..................

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBWA View Post
    Biggest turd ever Laid? I take it you never have played friday the 13th on NES?
    That game was sweet!

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    For a week it was fun, but now I think it is killing the game. I only go on Tuesdays now, in hopes of a better drop from Celestials.

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