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    Would you like some cheese with that whine?
    I was skeptical when they told about Timeless Isle but I think it worked out quite well. WIsh for a bit more coins but can't win em all. Have not bought Burden with coins even. Got most of them from drops and still have 6 in bags on main as it is. So not too bad, don't need coins for that.
    You can gear alts quickly. PLenty of stuff to do and yes sometimes RNG is a bitch for achievements like 'Need Bigger Bag'.
    All in all I liked it (even the fact we cannot fly).
    One of the best grind/dailies kind of area in the game.

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    I absolutely loved Timeless Isle. I just didn't like the item level differences: I think thr 528 gear should've 538 or 542.

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    The only reason why people fail in LFR SoO (and any other, really) is that most people only care about the reward there, not the path to get it. Most people simply white attack or outright afk. If everybody played to the full potential with Timeless Isle gear, LFR would be a breeze.

    Seriously, I love this system. Instead of a boring catch-up for new 90s involving grinding the same dung/LFR over and over, you've got a journey, where you have to actually fight your way to the rewards. Really, try getting to the Ordos Chest as a newbie who does not have Stealth, that's some real shit right there.

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    What i miss there is daily quests
    i mean the all idea is good but the complete lack on daily quests ruin this place for me because after few weeks i have nothing to do there even worst i lose money because i pay high amount of repairs these days on almost every character
    And burden...Mine bags are filled with these but i not have use of them because i have more luck with flex drops than these ones

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    Is it the best idea? No. Is it more interesting than every other zone? Yes.

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    I like the ideas on the Isle a lot. The rare hunting, the currency grinding, the world bosses always being available, the easy to get 496 items. All of that is great imo. The problem is in the minute details and the implementation of those great things.

    1) Burdens of Eternity were a good idea, but the implementation sucks. They take SO LONG to grind for, and in the end they're 100% RNG. I've gotten several completely useless Expertise items from them. Why they have to be used on undiscovered armor tokens is beyond me. There's plenty of grind in just acquiring them, there shouldn't also be a grind in finding the correct stats.

    2) The rares are great, but they don't scale nearly well enough with number of people attacking them. Think the commanders in the barrens. With 40 people attacking them they had a huge amount of health. These rares... they cap out at what, 10 million? 8mil? They just fall over if there's more than 10 people in the area. Then there's the mobs like Cinderfall that are trollerific. "Let's put a rare that spams giant AoE attacks on a tiny bridge that everyone and their mother has to use to get to Ordos! Yeah!" Or the charging yaungol guys that 2-shot you when you're just trying to run by. Or the world boss surrounded by yaungol who spam AoE attacks, allowing trolls to train a bunch up there and kill everyone. Terrible design.

    3) The lack of direction. It feels so grindy because the isle gives you no objectives. Just "here's an island, go kill stuff.". I wish there were a FEW (notice emphasis there!) dailies that gave you a small reward of coins and shaohao rep. They could be different for each individual to prevent overcrowding in certain areas, but allow people to group up and share the dailies they have so friends can do them together still.

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    Gear has been easy to get since Wrath, rare spawns shouldn't be easy to get or they'd become a timed checklist, the terrain is to make it so you actually have to pay attention and not auto-run through, it's a one-zone prototype so Draenor should split it up better, and finally, achievements are sometimes supposed to be hard.

    There, that should address every single complaint.

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    When I have been wanting loot off of a rare on the Timeless Isle, I have setup several "Pizza Timers" macros using DBM.

    For example:

    /dbm timer <time> <name>
    You can go to and find many of the approximate spawn times for each rare elite. So, for example Hulon has roughly a 40-60 minute respawn time. You can make a macro like this:

    /dbm timer 40:00 Huolon
    /in 2400 /officer Houlon About to Spawn!
    What this will do is create a countdown timer for 40 minutes with the name Huolon. The /in command must be followed with the same amount of time. You then specify what channel you want to have the spawn be announced (helps so you can see it more clearly). I picked /officer, but you can use anything. Even send a whisper to yourself (/whisper your_name Houlon About to Spawn!).

    You can setup multiple timers, so you can track many different spawns.

    Also, you will need to know when the last time it was killed to "accurately" determine when the next spawn should occur.

    I hope this helps =)

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    hmmm ok... Your opinion... because mine is the opposite.

    Timeless isle is the best patch ever. I have fun playing all my alts, It's challenging, There's a lot of people, I can upgrade gears without spending too much time, we can kill the same mobs without being in a group. There's many things to do.

    Perfect for me!

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    Timeless isle was fun the first few days, but after getting exalted there im not going back in a zillion years, serves no other purpose than gearing alts.

    Prefer dailies over this, sadly

    A shame they will continue this nonsence into wod as well...

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    I'd rather have structured dailies on a timeless isle-type format than just "the timeless isle" alone.

    It's quite hollow by itself.
    “Do not lose time on daily trivialities. Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things melt away and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.” ~ Emily3, World of Tomorrow
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    i realy enjoy the isle, But there is a few things that i miss/feel should be. Add some daily quests and double the size.. seriously its to small >_<, and make rarespawns spawn less frequent and increase the drop rate on specific items, and increase theyr health. Killing Huolon(or any other rare) 50-100 times .. and eatch hour is not Exciting to me.

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    The flaws in your argument
    The only thing that is the worst idea ever about the Time Less isle is obligatory-passed routes with heavy hitting elites having very long range charges.

    Whoever came up with that needs a slap to the face.

    Beyond this, i do believe that the Timeless isle is actually not that bad. It was good for what it was. Albeit the fact that it has no longevity or depth/real interesting and appealing factors to me.. that's another deal.

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    I wouldn't say its the worst. Daily quests in 5.0 - 5.2 take that cake.

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    It's cool idea but it didn't work out properly. First it gets boring really fast after you got your gear. Second the chest spawning in fixed spots and being lootable only once - big fail, you should be able to loot them many times but they should spawn in obscura places. Third - rares should have much more HP so you got time to get there and all of them should do a /yell in chat.

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    Needs to be better rewards. When 5.4 was released I was in ToT HTF gear and everything was a downgrade. I destroyed about 15 burdens and vendored every boa piece that dropped. It seemed like a such a waste.

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    hm dunno what OP meant about how time sink it is ... i spend there only enough time that takes to kill ship/maw (and killing crabs/water spirit) for the weekly 50 coins - and usually by the time they are up with their kills i have >100 coins which means i dont have to visit it next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavfin View Post
    I'm completely the opposite. I hate dailies. I'm fine with the one daily per day (20 rares) on Timeless Isle, but I'm happy to have a couple weekly quests, and otherwise kill some rares and get some coins when I damned well feel like it, and not feel compelled to do dailies all the time.

    Different people have different opinions.

    Oh, and the "X don't deserve epics" argument died a long time ago for Blizzard. Casuals pay the bills, and the hardcores wouldn't have any content at all if it wasn't for casuals' money flowing into Blizzard.
    10 million players (around the average where the top of wow was in its career)

    Say 5% of those players are "hardcore raiders"

    Thats 500,000 player subs for the game. Thats also entirely enough people to fund a fully functional game with consistent content updates, without sacrificing anything. Back before WoW, when games had constant content updates and expansions too, having a playerbase of 300,000 was considered "Exceptionally Well".

    Blizzard has stated before that money is not the problem when it comes to hiring new employees to work on their games. They are a company that can "afford to be extremely picky" when they hire people. Its not that they couldnt afford more people, its that they chose not to.

    Aside from that jarring point about "just how much casuals are paying for this game" , I agree with you on your earlier comments about dailies and such. I was very happy when back in Wrath blizzard had weekly raid quests, and when the random heroics/etc. rewards were put into a daily/weekly counter system, so that you could spend all your dungeon rewards in a single day, or over the span of a week; it was your choice. I was sad when blizzard took that all away afterwards, it makes the random dungeon rewards seem very, snide, in a way. The same could be said for their treatment of daily quests and rep rewards / gains.

    Its best when blizzard allows actual choice and variety of reaching the same outcome, instead of funneling progression and like-minded rewards into a single avenue, and often now ones that require overwhelming hours and/or luck to accomplish; bringing back the grind that they said they worked so hard to get rid of over the years *coughvanillawowrepgrindscough*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    In summary, you can't tag every single rare that spawns?
    its true they have soo low health that its rediclous if your no where near the rare when it spawns ur not tagging it and its anoying then trying to get a pet

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    Well. Someone hasn't played superman 64...
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