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    What was your favorite feature of each expansion?

    Please try to list only one, two being the max.

    And yes, Vanilla is going to be counted as an expansion even if it technically wasn't.

    This isn't really a nostalgia thread, hence why I limiting it to two (one preferred). If you can't think of any feature you liked during a certain xpac, just say none. Also, if you want, leave a reason why you liked the features you did.

    I'm just curious is all. I like seeing what players like/liked about the game the most.

    So to start it off:

    Vanilla: 40 mans. I loved these. Unlike 25m and 10m, these actually felt like you were an army pushing through the final outpost of your enemy, well at least they did when people weren't AFK.
    TBC: The raids overall. If that's not specific enough then the Sunwell Plateau. Seeing Kil'jaeden almost make it into Azeroth was undoubtedly one of the most epic moments of my WoW career.
    WotLK: Well, I've gotta list two for this, LFD and the overall atmosphere. Nothing gets better than snow and undeath.
    Cata: The 1-60 Revamp. Although I did love the original zones, I do have to say that I like these newer ones even more.
    MoP: Honestly, Farming.
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    Vanilla: 40mans and proper alchemy pot usage. Like the OP, only 40man felt really epic, working with a team of your own class rather than just "the healers". Freedom in gearing rather than just looking at ilvl
    TBC: Keying/attunements, the 5mans itself with the revered = heroic system + raidatmosphere.
    WotLK: 10mans used as alt/chill instances, pugging in general, daily/weekly raid/dungeon quest
    Cataclysm: Nothing, basicly ruined half of the game by the 1-60 revamp, destroyed the atmosphere in basicly every zone it touched, 10mans being put on par with 25man difficulty was also really idiotic, nope, nothing at all.
    MoP: Warforged, made loot more interesting. Other than that, it had more cons than pros, bland expansion when you look at new features. (like destroying legendary status of items just for the sake of keeping people subbed between instances, 20 secrets with low droprate so it would last for weeks..... see what they did there.).
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    Vanilla: Mounts, I guess. They were pretty game changing. BGs a close second.
    TBC: Arena or the idea of Heroics. Flying is nice but I like the mounts more than actually flying.
    WOTLK: Dual Spec
    MoP: Challenge Modes

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    Classic - "Feature"? Uh, the ability to explore the World of Warcraft. How's that for a feature?
    TBC - Flying mounts. Duh. :B
    Wotlk - The hardmodes of Ulduar. I thought them ingenious and interesting and much more engaging than flipping a UI switch.
    Cata - I loved the 1-60 revamp, actually. Silverpine, Southern Barrens, Westfall, Redridge... hilarious questlines, old faces, etc. I only wish the Loch hadnt drained. I liked the Loch. And, of course, Transmogrification.
    MoP - Pet Battles. Didnt think it'd be as engaging as it turned out to be, when i first heard of it, but it is. It appeals to my Collector's sense.
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    classic - pvp system with the old titles, mage elemental specc patch
    bc - new spells and talents
    wotlk - new spells and talents
    cata - new spells and talents. and goblins.
    mop - new spells and talents. and monks (need goblin monks btw).

    i don't care that much for content. i only do pvp most of the time.

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    classic - only watched my uncle doing pvp back then but it looked cool so pvp
    bc - flying
    wotlk - Death Knight
    cata - transmog
    mop - flex mode
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    Vanilla : 40 man raids. when i played the game at that time, it felt really epic.

    TBC : heroic dungeons. i think shattered halls heroic was the hardest instance thus far.

    WOTLK : i didn't play wotlk when it was current content but i will go with inscription profession.

    Cataclysm : i personally hate both the mechanics and players in it, but can't deny the truth. lfr system.

    MoP : 5.1 daily system ( dominance - shieldwall ) and ofcourse timeless isle concept.

    overall, best implemention was the timeless isle concept. i believe they will use it in WoD in a much better and wider content.

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    The Burning Crusade: Addition of the Key Ring
    Cataclysm: Removal of the Key Ring

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    Vanilla: Long dungeons - Blizzard got away from this after vanilla, having only 3-5 bosses in dungeons, but back in the day, a 5-man felt like a mini raid. Using a saturday afternoon to take a group all the way through BRD was just amazing. Sunken Temple took forever, but that made it very fulfilling. They were difficult in those days too.

    TBC: Flight

    WotLK - 10 man equiv for every raid. This was the expansion that really brought raiding to the masses. I however hated the LFD tool, as it was the beginning of the end for having a server community, which is so key to an MMO, and that has now all been taken away.

    Cata - Transmog.

    MoP - Brawler's guild. I absolutely love it.

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    Classic: The questing experience, the world, the raids, everything.
    BC: Kharazan
    WotLK: Northrend, the phasing quests and overarching story, the vehicles, the achievement system, Ulduar&ICC
    Cataclysm: Worgen, the revamp of the old world with the new quests. Trasmog.
    MoP:the farm, the raids, the overarching story.

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    Classic: It's been said, but seriously the raids. They were amazing.

    TBC: The raids. All of them. I can't choose a favorite.

    Wrath: Death Knights, followed closely by the entire Northrend zone. I loved it there.

    Cata: I loved the 1-60 revamp and Archaeology.

    MoP: Pet Battles? I have just recently come back to the came after leaving in the middle of Cata, so really, unsure of a lot of the features I would have normally enjoyed, namely raiding. I think the newer zones and areas are pretty though. From what I've seen.
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    Vanilla: World PvP, outdoor elites. Endgame wasnt solely raids and arenas.. I also liked all the options with talents and gear and sandbox elements. You could make a real glass cannon with almost no stamina but insane damage or you could buff only one type of damage and experiment with lots of fun builds like holy smite specc as a priest or shadow damage warlock.

    TBC: 25m raids, 10m raids, a few zones also looked amazing, my guild (but that wasnt a game feature, I just happened to find a great one)

    Wrath: Quests, zones, atmosphere

    Cata: Initial difficulty but it wore off fast

    MoP: nothing

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    Didn't played classic or TBC.

    Wrath - The gameplay freedom, we could pug for a raid, we could do 10m with friends and 25 with guild, we could just farm stuff, do daylies or wahtever we wished without being forced to do anything. Zones such as Storm Peaks and Icecrown, all zones in wrath were great and had their unique atmosphere.

    Cata - Originaly Path of Titans exiceted me a lot but it got scrapped, reforging was fun aswell.

    MoP - Judging for the few of it i saw, nothing.

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    Vanilla - too many to list
    TBC - Heroic 5-mans, Flying, Smaller raids
    WotLK - LFD, "Hard mode raiding"
    Cata - LFR, 1-60 revamp, Transmog, Getting torched by DW while questing
    MoP - Challenge Modes, Brawler's, Pet Battles, Flex Mode

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    Didn't play in Classic.

    TBC: Probably flying mounts. Or dailies, for their time. Sure, they're repetetive and outdated now, but back then it was nice to have at least one feasible source of income that wasn't farming or sitting alt+tabbed with addons at the auction house.

    WotLK: Accessible raids. BC never got me into raiding due to how complicated everything around the raids were. Sure, many fights were way too easy by today's standards, but it was better than nothing and in hindsight, the start of something good.

    Cata: Class changes in general. Too many classes and specs felt kind of uninteresting in Wrath (hence why I mained feral, one of the exceptions, for the entire expansion), and I think they did a great job spicing up rotations.

    MoP: Nearly a tie between the new talents and flexible raids, but new talents win out. Flex is fun and great for gearing friends, but the fights themselves aren't very interesting after the first time when you're in a normal mode guild. It's my second top feature because they added in the tech as well, since they're solving that particular issue with the WoD raid size changes.
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    Classic: Definetly the 40man was really relaxing...
    TBC: raid bosses
    WotLk: LFD
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Pet Battles, Brawlers Guild

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    Vanilla: How open the world was compared to the alternatives at the time (only load screens for instances and traveling between continents/portals/hearthstone versus every zone having a load screen) and the Auction House. People that never played EQ or the other big MMOs then have no idea how nice vanilla WoW was relatively speaking.
    TBC: Didn't play
    WotLK: First time I was able to outgear older content and see it at my leisure as well as LFD.
    Cata: Early on the difficulty of dungeons and raids. Later on the ability to CRZ with people on other servers for instances at your choice.
    MoP: The Raids and CRZ to move lower level toons on a PvP server to a PvE server. However CRZ no longer being optional pre-current content is not enjoyable to me.

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    Classic - Battlegrounds.
    TBC - Resilience and Better honor PvP gear or Flying.
    WotLK - Probably Looking for Dungeon.
    Cata - Probably LFR.
    MoP - Probably Flex.

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    Wotlk: GearScore

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    Vanilla: Open world.
    TBC: Heroics, dailies and flying.
    WotLK: Everything. Weekly quests, Pugs, LFD, the world, the quests. Also Death Knights. That was an expansion I had the most things to do.
    Cata: Transmog and LFR. Also 4.0 heroics pre-nerf.
    MoP: Test-grounds for new content models. Namely, Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle. 5.1 Daily hub Fortress too.
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