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    I roleplay on PvP servers.

    On my Warlock main, I used to release Infernals in Ironforge AH back when they were hostile when summoned. Many tears were shed.

    I think female Trolls are the hottest race in WoW.

    I did so much exploiting and restricted-area-exploring back in the day that I should be banned several times over. What can I say, the thug life chose me.

    I entered old-school Naxx and logged out in there the day before 3.0 hit the servers. I had to make a ticket to even be able to log in on him after that, and I never told the GM that I was responsible. Felt bad when he apologised for the problem I encountered.

    I used to place the BRD drill in AV preparing room back when it would teleport you to BRD no matter where you were.

    I still collect armor scraps in AV and turn them in.

    When I see a lowbie Horde on a PvP server, I remove all my gear and fist him to death with my naked Gnome.
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    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You die.
    You are dead.

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    I didn't know you could eat and drink at the same time until around level 40. When they added the tip about it on the load screen my buddy mocked me every time it showed up.

    I once killed eight priests and two druids as the bomb in the Geddon fight. Legitimately not my fault though, they were positioned wrong and the priest class leader was an ass. Later that same raid, I accidentally banished an elemental just as it was about to die because I'd always swap my Banish into my Drain Soul slot during the Garr fight. I fessed up sheepishly as the whole 40man raid had to sit there and wait for it to expire.

    I once wiped a full BT progression raid on Gorefiend by being too busy /dance-ing to notice I was haunted.

    I also accidentally pulled the big mob group at the top of the elevator after Lady Deathwhisper with a stray shot on my hunter. Of course that sends in my pet on assist and my feign death doesn't work. Another raid wipe courtesy of me.

    It's safer when I tank.

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    Back in BC on my Paladin, I would duel people outside of Org and whenever I knew I was in trouble and would likely lose the duel I would bubble hearth. Not because I didn't want to lose the duel but just to frustrate the other guy and enjoy reading his angry /w.
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    It went a little something like "oh no, I'm feared." And that's how I would pull huge groups and get away with it.
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    When a mommy and daddy bear love each other very much, a developer opens up 3DS Max, creates a wire frame, textures the wireframe, animates the wireframe and puts the finished baby cub in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curanhadin View Post
    Im sure I have lots I forget. One of my favorites was killing everyone with path of frost in ToC when ever our guild teamed up with another for 25 mans. Every once in awhile id let my self die to it to keep me from getting blamed.
    lol got to admit i did this too sometimes not always on purpose though

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    on sindy in ICC i was asked to DPS once..... i manged to iceblock the entire raid... I always tanked her from then out.

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    1) Started playing TBC, Rolled a Paladin as first toon. No fucks given i wore whatever armor looked cool whether cloth,leather, mail or plate. Was spec'd prot because i died too quickly and needed more mana, because i liked healing dungeons. Got away with being prot heals til like...62. When someone in my guild mentioned i was noob and needed to be Holy to fulfill my role. But I had heard by this time Paladins were dope tanks. So i finished the expac as a Holy Paladin tank...That account would end up getting hacked sadface, so i started another account and rolled Shaman

    2) I killed the Time Loss Proto Drake on several occasions and didn't loot him. Because he was in the way of my quest....

    3) I lied to get into my third guild ever, because i wanted to do ToC before ICC patch. I told them i was the alt of my close friend's who was already in the guild, even though often enough we were on AT THE SAME TIME. Thank god no one pays attention.

    4) On my third guild when they made cuts from 25man to 10 I lied again saying i had a dope paladin.. I than pleaded with my now retired from WoW close friend for her account i could link our accounts and steal her geared Paladin... my shaman at this time had just hit level 80.....And was my only other toon besides a level 71 Druid

    5) I lied again saying i knew ICC 10/12roic As WoW-heroes clearly showed. I pulled dope numbers but 2/5 times i was the reason for a wipe. (FU!! Roic Putricide)

    Sadface I dont wanna go any further..
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    i have 37 keybinds but still click army...

    i dream about torturing people whenever i see them using completely wrong gems/enchants/talents etc on DKs, but in reality its impossible for me to not /w them starting a discussion to explain them what to do and why, which makes them viable
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    I passed the debuff on Fallen Protectors HC to one of the derpy raid members just to kill them
    “In truth it was I who was betrayed. Still I am hunted. Still I am hated”
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    I've masturbated thinking in male night elfs. I'm a guy.

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    When I failed the crossing at Thaddius during Vanilla which would cause a wipe, I alt f4 and acted d/c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coronius View Post
    I still collect armor scraps in AV and turn them in.
    Haha I still do this too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    I drop trains in the auction house.
    This is why every last one of my alts has a Wind-Up Train Wrecker in its bags.
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    I liked to PvP in Skettis in BC. There were so many quests that involved aggroing dangerous mobs. I could just wait for someone to aggro a Talonsworn Forest-Rager and then attack. As a priest I could just open with a fear and they would aggro a bunch of stuff.

    Skettis was such a small area with most of it a lake that it made for a wonderful non-consensual PvP arena.

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    fapping during boring lfr fights

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    When a PUG reeks of fail, I pretend I don't know English. I taught myself some Bislama just to be convincing. I've been kicked from a Flex run for it because they thought I was a terrorist.

    I've done LFRs just to watch people derp to death.

    I rolled my vanilla Warlock so I could get away with telling people things like "I want you to cut yourself in real life." It wasn't an RP realm. See, when my Paladin said that, it got called "verbal abuse". When a Warlock says it, it's "in character" and GMs apologize for wasting your time.

    My guild leader stopped having me babysit interrupts after I admitted to having ADHD. I haven't told him there's two types and mine's mostly impulse problems. He doesn't ask, I don't tell -- I want as few raid duties as humanly possible. Half the time I pretend to be spaced out so he doesn't ask me to summon people.

    My first BC realm was full of gold beggars. I used to put 2g in the trade window, alt-tab to work, and time how long it took them to realize they'd been had. The record was about 45 minutes.

    I leveled a hunter just to grief people. I'm thinking of undeleting my hunter for this very reason.

    During BC, I realm transferred during an SSC run. 10 seconds after the raging alcoholic GM finally gave me something (gotta love "loot council"), I hit Alt-F4, loaded my browser, and finalized. It worked.
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    The plural of anecdote is not "data". It's "Bayesian inference".

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    I did all MoP LFR raids without reading a single tactic. Never had any problem.

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    Some of you aren't really confessing - you're just trying to show you've done stuff that is grief-ish and pretty common/typical. Boring! Have some courage and 'fess up!

    My confession would be that I played the game only for PvP from vanilla all the way up to Wrath (except for a one-year break when I quit the game after battlegrounds were introduced - I felt they ruined world PvP. Still feel that way, to be honest). Anyway, I wouldn't raid at all; participated only in PvP/arena guilds; did only as much PvE content as I absolutely had to do; referred to PvE'ers as "Carebears" or "Dragonslayers"; was patronizing about anyone who played on PvE servers; spouted the usual rhetoric about how raiding took no skill because the encounters were all pre-determined...blah, blah, blah.

    In Wrath, I ended up in a very nice guild that showed me how raiding can be challenging and fun. But the 'confession' part is that I recently started leveling an alt on a very high-population PvE server (I like playing the AH on big servers) and found the quality of life there to be SO MUCH BETTER than anything I have experienced on PvP servers.

    Just as one example, I was able to finish (and read) the STV quest series for the first time ever, lol. Granted, it's a server that is known for a good environment, but overall I must confess to my previous close-minded and condescending attitude toward PvE players, make amends, and state here for the record that I wish I'd played on PvE servers long ago.
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    I play on a PvE server because random PvP has zero appeal to me as a rule of thumb. I am considering finding someone in my guild with a toon on a PvP realm dominated by my faction, getting invited over there, and grinding out the bloody coins for the achievement and pets.

    My confession is that I want to do this on another server because I think the people doing it on my server are awful, horrible people, and I am not even remotely sure that I would be any better picking a PvE realm to do it on -- especially because I want it completely dominated by my faction so that most of them are PvP flagged but not actually any good at PvP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlippyCheeze View Post
    My confession is that I want to do this on another server because I think the people doing it on my server are awful, horrible people, and I am not even remotely sure that I would be any better picking a PvE realm to do it on -- especially because I want it completely dominated by my faction so that most of them are PvP flagged but not actually any good at PvP...
    I've actually created an alt on another (pvp) server to do this....
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    for the record you should pretty much never listen to me

    just saying


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