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    Heroic Iron Juggernaut Enrage

    What is the enrage timer for this and what is the required DPS to kill it on 10 man Heroic? Also any tips would be very appreciated

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    Nevermind just wiped at 7% :P

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    The way I tell the enrage on a given encounter is to open the LUA code in DBM and read the line that calls the Berserk timer function. It'll have a parameter in that function call that represents the enrage timer represented as seconds.

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    Seemed to be around 7:ish minutes, when we killed it yesturday.

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    Its actually 10 minutes.
    If you skip the 3 phase 2 its 7 minutes
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    7m 30 seconds

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    world of logs

    click iron juggernaut

    click 10m heroic (or 25m heroic).

    bottom left shows kills compared to how long they took.

    notice the drop off at around 440s.

    that's about 7 m 33s


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    Boss goes berserk at 7:30, but it is not an instant wipe. Only his melee ability increases in damage, so with the right people you could easily kite and whittle him down for another 15-25 seconds.

    If you have a druid, they should glyph Stampeding Roar to get the raid back in faster after a Siege mode concludes.

    If your dps are well-geared and your healers are struggling, consider going 4 healers.

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    Speaking on phases, he enrages when third phase 1 is half done.

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