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    I got used to t13 and t16 and even like them, but they really have NOTHING magey going on about them.
    Yes we bend time space etc, but we use magic for that and NOT devices, or at least we mages are the engine, and the device would be used to fuel us (think focusing iris) - but not the other way around. We don't need wheels and cogs to do our thing...
    Mage, at least in WoW are NOT steampunks. Gobelins and Gnomes would fit this, engeneerers also.13

    Also not only that, but t13 is clearly made out of leather (padded chest piece, dangling leather belt) and metal on the shoulders!
    T16 is fully made out of some sort of mogu metal (shoulder pieces are actually helmets)

    I mean come on, we're supposed to wear cloth !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neow View Post
    I mean come on, we're supposed to wear cloth !
    This is why T2 and T5 are popular - they are the most cloth-looking sets we have. (Well, T1 too but it's kinda ugly.)

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    To the DS set's credit, because of the hood it looks decent on Worgen, not something that can be said for a lot of other sets =(

    Really hope they remove racials next expansion so I can go Dwarf or Human

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