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    I, for one, was shocked at the cognitive dissonance when Blizzard came out with a massive grind (the Timeless Isle) and people considered it amazing, breakthrough, and much better than dailies. Considering that dailies were the amazing breakthrough that did away with massive grinds.

    I prefer dailies for the structure and the opportunity for storytelling. On the Timeless Isle I feel like I'm just killing Yaungol and watching timers for rare spawns. Which is silly. I did enough grinding in Everquest to last me a lifetime.

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    Dailies weren't the problem at the beginning of Pandaria, the problem was that the only epic gear outside raiding, and more than this...the only VALOR gear, was gated behind the reputations.

    So...yeah, I hope Blizzard understand this, I love Dailies, I want to see more in Warlords.

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    I have been slowly doing dailies over the past 2 weeks after getting bored of timeless isle. Tbh i don't know what everyone was complaining about. Some of these daily quests are brilliant specially the golden lotus ones. Hoying oil and then burning all them poor ants

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    I also think Timeless Isle is awful. Slightly better than Battlefield Barrens, but I even preferred 5.0 dailies. Gaining gear via the TI is awful. You can buy pieces that may or may not have the stats you want, so then you have to grind all over again. It's ridiculous. Fortunately my main didn't have to gear up through that process, but my alts have been basically abandoned as I'm not keen on *any* of the gearing up mechanics at the moment. I miss having the new dungeons that appeared at the end of Wrath and Cata.

    If WoD's "dynamic" events are as piss poor as Battlefield Barrens and Timeless Isle the non-raiding side of things is going to suck even more than it already does.
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    I liked a bunch of dailies in Wrath and a few in Cataclysm & Mists but it was a bit much at 5.0 levels. Had they simply added a system like we have now (work orders, bonus dungeon reputation) from the start, it would have been okay.

    Timeless Isle sucks. I've been grinding elites and random mobs on my 564 ilevel rogue to funnel gear to a fresh 90 DK and not only am I not finding any usable gear but I've been beyond bored the whole time. Running around in a mass of people, who spam rare timers all day and zerging down mobs in a few seconds, then waiting for 30+ seconds to loot half of what died is just dumb. It is almost as bad as the Barrens "content."

    Edit: ^ Poster said the same thing I did while I was typing my response. =P
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    As somebody who doesn't play daily, in fact I play only on weekends and such and very rare the same character. I hate dailies. I hated the Champion dailies in wrath, and the firelands dailies and pretty much all the dailies in MoP. Dailies to me is something to do to make a few gold. I don't do them every day, and very rarely remember about them. I hate dailies that are progression based, I give up on them before they even start knowing I'll never get around to finishing them. I never got anything I wanted with champion dailies, (hated mounted combat too tbh) and never got past like first phase in firelands, and haven't gotten a single reputation to even honored in MoP because I hate when dailies are attached to more then just gold making.

    Dailies became everything, and I like timeless isle because I don't have any dailies. I don't have the daily progression to remind me I'm a casual and will never get any these rewards because I don't log in daily to do them.

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    Everything tends to get old when you burn yourself out by trying to do everything everyday.

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    I'd kinda like to see biweekly quests. Reset once on Tuesday, once on Saturday. This gives a bit more flexibility of when to do them, but also avoids the rather-significant gap that's left in normal weekly quests.

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    It's about the check list. Dailies were great because you knew when you were done. There's no start and finish with Timeless Isle. It truly is the never ending grind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeaponXAnimosity View Post
    Everything tends to get old when you burn yourself out by trying to do everything everyday.

    If timeless isle was set up with loads of dailies, everyone here would be complaining about that. Everything in moderation.

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    I'd be fine with tons of dailies as long as there isn't actual decent shit (at the time) double gated behind them, I'm also fine with timeless isle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Don't grind it to exhaustion, then? Why people force themselves to do these things is beyond me...
    That was what I told people who seemed to feel they were required to do every single daily for every single faction every single day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuyn View Post
    I'd kinda like to see biweekly quests. Reset once on Tuesday, once on Saturday. This gives a bit more flexibility of when to do them, but also avoids the rather-significant gap that's left in normal weekly quests.
    I'd rather have this to be honest. Have daily quests as sources of money, but weekly quests as the cause of progression.

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    I actually enjoy the TI. Of course some people will get bored of it....that's just how things work. The same exact thing can also be said about dailies. I like the direction that they are headed though, a mixture of dailies and a TI type area would work well as it would give everyone options.

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    Kill each big mob once, you don't really get anything for doing it more than that.
    With that in mind, you can "do the isle" in an hour tops.

    Won't take you long before you don't need more gear anyways.

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    I am not a great fan of the Isle, but I actually miss the Molten Front, that I really liked in comparison to any other daily hub.

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    I like the timeless isle, but I did honestly enjoy the 5.0 dailies more, even with the reps being the only way to get the valor gear.

    So I guess I'd agree with people saying Isle of Thunder was a pretty nice mix of Timeless Isle and Dailies.

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    Dailies are absolutely fine in my opinion, it's just that they were too important and too many at the beginning of MoP.
    Once I got Golden Lotus out of the way and got me some decent gear from other places I could do Dailies at my own pace and actually enjoy it.

    I've been to the Timeless isle a couple of times but I absolutely hate it, I don't see the point in it at all.
    I don't have alts to kit out with epics and I don't want to kill a million pirates or yaungol for a mount.

    Dailies are much more accessable, kill 10 of this collect 10 of that, get back and recieve some money, coins and rep and you're done for the day, perfect.

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    Problem with the MoP dailies was that most(if not all?) gear outside raiding was behind them.. Also the amount of dailies was kind of high, but I never really cared. I enjoyed most of it and I like a grind like that.

    The whole issue was that it was a pain in the ass to get the gear, the dailies were fine. Hopefully they dont remove them TOTALLY for WoD. I would like some dailies with storytelling like the stuff in krasarang wilds!

    Timeless Isle though.. Endless killing og cows and wait for spawners. Also search for treasuers etc. It grew kind of old for me. Never bothered starting the grind for the mount either.

    A combination of them or both would be nice for WoD.
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    10 000 daily achiement speaks for itself. I like dailies, but I also enjoy TI to a degree. Just can't be arsed to grind that Emperor Shaohan rep from mobs. Yet.

    Hoping for a balanced mix of dailies and a TI style zone in WoD

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