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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashiok
    There won't be no daily quests, but we do want to get across the notion that it's not going to be the primary focus for end-game content in Warlords. We're looking at lessons learned from rewarding exploration in the Timeless Isle, and we really liked how the structured story-arc approach of Operation Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive in 5.1 worked out.
    I think it can do well with some tweaking. I mean, I don't feel compelled to go to the Timeless Isle every day the way some dailies make me feel, because I guess I don't go there for gear, more so do I go there to just kill time and try to get the vanity drops from the rares.

    I know there are folks that will grind themselves to boredom on whatever is given to them, but I guess the difference between Timeless Isle content and dailies is that, if one wishes gain rep most efficiently, dailies need to be done each day, whereas the Timeless Isle doesn't really have a most efficient path unless someone sees "Timeless Isle for two hours every day" as something they need to do. One can choose to do the Timeless Isle a little bit each day and earn roughly the same rewards as one that wishes to do the Timeless Isle for a few hours only on the weekends, and they both can choose what they do on the Isle to get those rewards.
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    I go there for Ordos and Celestials, and kill a Rare or two if one is up whilst I'm there. Other than that I avoid it, because I consider it boring with no real structure and I instead often wander around the Vale or Pandaria looking for 5.0 Rares to kill for their bags of goods. Characters that need to be there are there for Mogu Runes via Coins and usually Burdens. I have an alt with a bank full of Timeless Tokens for things I'm currently leveling.

    In short, I go there because it gives the best reward in terms of gear. I don't care for the Isle and have only completed one of those Hourglass Quests, and have no idea of the story from them. I'd much prefer 5.1 and 5.2 structures than 5.3 and 5.4. I hope that WoD will have sections with both. Also I personally hope they remove Valor, given it having lost it's original purpose and just stick to Justice for helping bridge the gap between Dungeons and first Raid Tier.

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    I prefer weeklies over dailies to be honest.

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    My name is thesmall001 and I approve of this thread. Seriously, the Daily set for Mists was ACE but people killed themselves on it pointlessly (since you couldn't even EARN Valor fast enough to SPEND it at the rate people grinded multiple factions) and it generated a loud echo chamber effect. Dailies were good. Dailise are good. Their implementation in Mists? Needed some work. But all in all, I'm sad about WoD not having several daily factions. It's a sore loss for many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Hopefuly it was only Ghostcrawler that liked Mindless Isle.
    ghostcrawler did class balance, how items worked, and things like transmog.

    timeless isle, questing, factions, dungeons, raids, ect is all people like kosak, mumper, and loreology
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Hopefuly it was only Ghostcrawler that liked Mindless Isle.
    Any quote or your brain imagined that? Again, GC was not the king of WoW. Major design features are a collaborative effort so put aside GC and it would be the same pretty much.

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    The Isle of Endless Grind was obviously short lived. Finding the chests took me the first day, finding the all the rares a week and grinding s.o.a.b hao a month. I only occasionally visit it with my alts to boost my gear and once a week for the chance of free epics. Besides that its stale content. Even though I hated the troll theme, the terrible Isle of Thunder entertained me still a bit longer.

    I'm not actually surprised though. The "open" nature of the isle is just a code word for cheap repetetive content with alot of randomization, its literally the thing I did 15 years ago in asian mmo's.. I guess it proves everything comes back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsjel View Post
    I don't like the thought of Blizz moving towards "little to no dailies" for WoD. I agree they went overboard with dailies in MoP, but people will get sick of the Timeless Isle concept just as quick if that's all there is.
    Why can't there be a mix of both?
    I'm pretty sure it will be a mix of both. They just don't want daily overload.

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    I've never liked dailies and I don't think I'll ever do. Even if I haven't grinded enough rep for exalted yet I still prefer the island because when I do want to grind I can just spend a day doing so and be done with it.

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    I like the idea of the Isle, but it would have been nice to have had a bit of both, as it is having just the 2 weekly quests and the one daily really doesn't do much for me, and I just haven't the *oomph* to do it daily for the rep, im at 1/4 through revered and just cannot be arsed anymore.

    I'm not a huge fan of dailies, but I'm not against them either, I log in and if I feel like doing dailies I do them, if I don't then I don't, so it'd been nice to have more options.

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    Timeless Isle has been out 3 months and I'm still getting almost daily use out of it for my main and alts. That is some staying power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    And that's something I never thought I would EVER say! I don't quiet know why, first few weeks I enjoyed Timeless BUT then I began grinding the various reputations in Pandaria and soon realized I actually preferred dailies. Sure they're tedious BUT they alternate daily, take no more than an hour, offer good income and don't require spamming general or Oqueue.
    There's something wrong with you. lol.

    Anything will get old if you do it enough, but dailies need to stay away.

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    Timeless isle is much better than dailies. Daily quests are one of the worst things about modern MMOs. They handcuff the player by only allowing you to progress a character a little bit each day. This is a problem for people who only have certain days off each week. If I only have the weekend to play, I want to be able to spend that time progressing my character to the full extent that I can, not being capped by a stupid daily allotment.

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    can see why people complained. 5.0 was overwhelmed with dailies. 5.1 had more of them. 5.2 had a 30-40minute daily routine. its nice to have them just don't want big as MoP had them at launch.

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    As repetitive as dailies were, they definitely added a structure to your non-raid/scenario/dungeon gameplay.

    Personally, I still do Golden Lotus dailies - great way to make money from all the drops and 4/5 quests aren't actually gear dependent so all my alts can grind them out. Also, the treasure chests drop a lot of mats for my profs.

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    The only thing that bugs me is that the isle is too small. Yeah, sure it's fun and all, but considering were stuck with it until WoD for at least 4 more months, I'd like it to have been bigger.

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    The timeless isle is great for my alts getting their lesser charms. But I haven't felt compelled to do anything else there at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    Because that's not how Blizzard operates. For 9 years, they've over-corrected every single thing they've done. Too hard, too casual, too hard, too casual. Too buffed, too nerfed, too buffed, too nerfed. etc. I think it's actually impossible for them to get something right.
    That's right. It's an "All or nothing" mentality. But, perhaps, that's common with gamers in general.

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    fuck dailies

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    Dailies suck.

    Imo it should be a mix of a weekly, 1 or 2 daily's, tabard, grind, rares; fun random events..

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