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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    And that's something I never thought I would EVER say! I don't quiet know why, first few weeks I enjoyed Timeless BUT then I began grinding the various reputations in Pandaria and soon realized I actually preferred dailies. Sure they're tedious BUT they alternate daily, take no more than an hour, offer good income and don't require spamming general or Oqueue.
    The problem was the number and the fact that they gated valor gear and recipe behind those reps; that make them felt mandatory and tedius, also many peoples felt the need to do them with alts that was another point against dailies.
    If they put the valor point gear and the recipes to the normal vendor and left only vanity item to rep vendor no one would have complained; also removing the tabard system was a bad move they should have left it untouched and just put a boa tabard to exalted to make it a less painfull grind for alts.
    Timeless island felt like "ok guys we give up take your epics and shut up pls".
    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    I got bored of timeless isle after about 2 weeks. Farming those 50 items for 200VP? Absolute waste of time, and very, very boring.

    I don't mind dailies, I see no reason why they can't mix it up a bit

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    I'm not a huge fan of timeless island but it's still better than the dailies i think.
    I did like the progressive storyline we had with the dailies in 5.1 though. It made me almost do half of them.

    Think blizzard should give both alternatives since there is people that likes the dailies, and i'm fine with them being there as long as i can avoid them entirely
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    Oh, I almost forgot, the one thing I love about timeless isle is... lesser charms. with dailies being the only source of lesser charms I never really had them, because, well, I hated dailies.
    no I have still about 1300, just from doing stuff on the isle.

    maybe the drop rate is a bit too high considering the amount I have, and I'm not exactly doing much on the isle.... but you get the point.

    the mistake blizzard made was having dailies being the only source of getting stuff (rep, lesser charms, you name it). now with Timeless isle they made the other mistake with grinding being the only source for rep (although it is only for rep here).
    I think, blizzard is aware of those two issues, and they will make a proper balance for it. there still will be dailies, but I can imagine that there still will be grinding stuff, and both ways are getting you all the stuff, and you can choose.

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    It's like the idea of doing something over and over again being boring is new to people.

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    Hopefully the execution in WoD will be better. Yes, the Island is rather small, so "adventuring" is quite limited. However, when we're on Draneor, there will be a lot more to explore. I too agree with some posters suggestions to have a balance of both. I don't like the "little to no dailies," but 5.1 was an orgy of dailies that I don't care to do... again, hopefully, they'll find a nice balance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Don't grind it to exhaustion, then? Why people force themselves to do these things is beyond me...
    I've been thinking the same thing. "What is this, when I do the same thing every day for 3 months it gets boring!" Surprising!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    You're still not being forced. Why people keep playing a game like it's a job to the point they don't enjoy it and then blame Blizzard for everything is kind of funny. For months have people whined on these forums that the game had too many dailies. The dailies are still there but they introduce new content - people whine for more dailies. Lol, community.
    It's an issue with the progression system, honestly. I agree, the community could do better in the sense that you don't NEED a certain ilevel to do well with the game. The problem is the people who DO need that item level to do well in the game greatly outnumbers the amount of people who don't.

    Here's why it's a multi-layer problem:
    -The 'progression' in the game is limited to crafting and LFR to get to current content, or starting an old raid and hoping your raid doesn't fall on the day everyone decides to do the current content raid.
    -The community, due to players being unable to pull their own weight in low gear levels (mostly due to insanely high gear scaling, but even back when gear didn't scale insanely high it was a problem), nearly REQUIRES people to have at or above the item level of the item drops in the raid they are trying to do when forming a pick up group.
    -Guilds refusing to accept people below a certain ilevel threshold (unless they are a highly sought after class/role)

    We can argue all day whether or not people should do it if it makes them upset. BUT for the sake of the argument, let's put into perspective:
    -People have fun when they do endgame content.
    -'Endgame' content these days refers to the current content raid, dailies, and any new content along with it. (For this patch, Timeless Isle)
    -It is rare (not impossible) that people will have fun in older content, even that which is only a patch or two old.

    So now we come to the problem:
    The current model is, you hit max level and try to gear up. This can be done in many ways, BUT the 'required' way everyone talks about is the FASTEST way to do it. (Grind max-level catch up and LFR till you have the ilevel to do current content.) The OPTION do skip all that is there, but you have to be concerned with:
    a) ilevel scaling making you unable to do enough DPS/threat/heals to keep up in current content
    b) the community ridiculing you for trying with a low ilevel
    c) no one even considering joining due to your low ilevel.
    People tell you to join a guild, but while I can't speak for PvP, any half-decent raid guild who accepts people below ilevel usually doesn't get very far. Your pugs will, at best, get you a few pieces of gear and you'll be stuck with raiding several weeks in sub par gear which, even assuming you manage to gear a full set, is STILL sub par at best. Leaving you to grind the catch up mechanic and LFR anyway to reach current content so people won't just scoff at you when you try to form a raid.

    If you don't want to do that, you have one option this patch: Timeless Isle.
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vren View Post
    I'm just now getting exalted with the Shado-pan and August Celestials.
    I've only just got friendly with them! Find myself doing dailies now the pressure to do them is off, how odd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedelus View Post
    I got bored of timeless isle after about 2 weeks. Farming those 50 items for 200VP? Absolute waste of time, and very, very boring.

    I don't mind dailies, I see no reason why they can't mix it up a bit
    I switched to this approach:
    I go and do the 20 elites daily. While I do that, I get:
    1. some epoch stones for the 50 stones weekly
    2. reputation towards shao-hao for the quest (275 rep).

    I do that for as often as it I need to reach the 50 stones. Then I turn that quest in and be done for the week. It's usually 3 times the daily.
    I've found me a sweet little spot where I can kill the elites fairly quickly, even on a high pop realm.
    I also do the weekly pet battle scenario, and Ordos/Celestials. But then I am done with it.
    All in all maybe 2 1/2 hours total there during the week. That includes the Pet Battle Scenario, which takes me about 45 min, since I am not the most lucky battler and the damn RNG keeps setting me back almost every week.

    Any achievement or whatever item of value that's on that island, I am going to clear up during the next expansion, when the island is utterly abandoned and the mobs fall over just from seeing me... lol
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    The reason I am doing Timeless is because besides LFR & PvP there's nothing to do! At least Dailies offered months of something to do, 2 weeks Shado-Pan, 2 weeks Golden Lotus, etc.

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    I'd like a combination of the 2. Timeless isle does feel a little too much go grind for hours and then come back (much like the 5.3 collect resources which after a few times through I just quit doing it). Would have liked 2-4 daily quests with the week long grind on top. Would make it feel a little more focuses IMO.

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    I never really like the Timeless Isle. I've always been a fan of daily quests like the 5.2 ones.

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    As I wrote in the other thread, I miss dailies as they give me direction, structure and pacing.

    Blizzard should know better than to go from one extreme into another. Provide us with a choice of different options at endgame instead of experimenting on us with one type of content only. I feel like a lab rat. Each MoP patch, a different idea for endgame.
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    I enjoyed it for a few months. but yeah I realized dailies are better as an altoholic. Gets things done faster since I don't use addons that mark treasures or anything like that. Add a storyline progress to the dailies and I'll take it I guess.

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    Instead of choosing the lesser of two evils (which I would agree is dailies) why not just do neither and actually do something fun instead?

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    It's because people get bored of things and like change.

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    The problem is giving the players two choices, you either grind for things or you do dailies for them. A combination could have been better however, why not give the player something new instead of only these two options?

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    The reason why I like TI dailies over all other dailies is that you don't feel forced to do them. The point of dailies is that you can do them as an alternative for gear, not a priority for it. Also its so you can get something really cool like a mount or title.

    For MoP's dailies you couldn't even buy gear for justice/valor without being friendly to exalted with a certain faction, it was horrible. I hate dailies with a passion, I've always never liked doing them, so it made me furious that I felt forced to do them in MoP. Now if its optional and a alternative I like doing dailies because then If I want to get a certain thing from a faction I can just go rep grind it. Want is a key word here.

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