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    There have been times where I've racked up 40h+ per week for several weeks straight, but these days I tend to play about 5h or so per week, sometimes more, often less.

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    Last time was in TBC I think.

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    Even when I did progression raiding I still had a social life outside of school, work, and WoW. This concept that one cannot raid without neglecting their social life is an odd thing to me. Now I just do other things and hobbies than WoW.

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    I play about 6 hours a week at most now, two three hour sessions a week. However, I live whilst doing those sessions so...I don't know. If living life includes taking a shit, it definitely also includes playing games you enjoy.

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    I do atm which is really sad I know. But right now I'm struggling to find something to occupy my time other than WoW, my friends just want to go out drinking which isn't for me. So me and my other friend normally just chill on skype and talk/play games. Sounds pretty sad, but I dunno what else to do atm. Getting into the gym again which I enjoy but that can only take an hour or so out of everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galil ACE View Post
    Why would you be proud of spending more time working than doing stuff you enjoy?
    Working doesn't count as "living" if we go at it that way.
    You might wanna try to find a job that you enjoy, that way you will consider work as living.

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    I simply don't consider playing WoW and socializing and working as a team with my very good friends and my boyfriend of 7 years "not living life."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    I admit, I'm guilty! I spend more time playing WoW than I actually live! I've put off my family! My job!

    Make me feel good to know that I'm not the only one!
    My life is made up of various things, WoW being one of them. I wouldn't say I play WoW more than I live, though a lot of my daily life is spent on the computer, not just WoW, so to me, well, computer use is a part of living I guess... I just spread out what I'm actually accomplishing on it. A bit of unproductive internet usage here, a while spent on a project there, hopefully soon maybe a telecommuting-based job added in, a bit of WoW later on...

    I do get crap from family members (ok mostly my mother) about the amount of time I spend on the computer, but I hardly see how it's worse compared to the amount of time she spends staring at the tv. At least in my case I'm doing a diverse mix of things and my mind is active. If I could make my dream job a reality, yeah I'd still be here on this thing working on projects and junk, only difference is I'd be making money doing it.
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    I have trouble making and keeping friends. I'm not a social butterfly.
    I spend pretty much all my spare time in WoW or playing other games like Diablo, Starcraft, Guildwars, or various console games. I clean/cook/work when I have too, but my free time is always in the games.

    And I'm not ashamed. I've been addicted to games since I was a kid when the Atari came out.
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    Once upon a time both my family and friends would have said #1 for sure. But with time and age it just got easier to spend 2-3 nights as week doing a raid and that being just about it. Of course, now you don't have to spend a whole lot of time getting raid ready which certainly helped.

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    my family lives on the other side of the continent, my job can suck my nuts. up until recently I put a number of hours every day into wow, yet I manage to go and party and hang with my friends and "do" things on a daily basis. this is a rather subjective issue.

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    A couple of years ago, perhaps, but even then I wasn't too severe...I've never once stayed up all night playing WoW - not even with a new expansion.

    Nowadays, I don't even raid so I just play when I feel like it. I'd much rather go out with mates than stay in and play WoW. It's just something I enjoy doing when I happen to be chilling in the flat.

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    It depends on how you define "living" I guess. I work 8 hours a day, then cook, clean, help kids with homework, etc. On weekends there is grocery shopping, laundry, more cleaning, home maintenance (something needing repaired/replaced, furniture moved, smoke alarm batteries changed, etc.). By the time that kind of stuff is done I just want to sit, relax, and play WoW. This ends up being 3 or so hours a day which I'm sure could be spent another way, but if by "living" your talking about throwing parties or skydiving or traveling or taking dancing lessons or any other "bucket list" type of thing, then no, I probably spend more time playing WoW than "living".

    (Seriously ... doing dishes and laundry and helping with 5th grade book reports does NOT count as "living", right?? I kinda hope not, because that's a little depressing.)
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    I used to, but I've gotten my priorities straight since then, that was a very dark time in my life.

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    I used to before the game became shit.

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    Since my sub isn't active atm. No.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    You're not the only one. INB4 a massive flood of people say they don't and blatantly lie about it.
    I'm sure we all did it at one point.
    But one can't remain in school/college forever or cash in wellfare. One day we all have to grow up and give life/jobs a priority, people who can't do that do need help in the end imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    I admit, I'm guilty! I spend more time playing WoW than I actually live! I've put off my family! My job!

    Make me feel good to know that I'm not the only one!
    Yes, but only because of graphics.
    You can try to fit me in a box, only to see me burst out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihnasir View Post
    I used to, but I've gotten my priorities straight since then, that was a very dark time in my life.
    this ^^ /10char

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    Yeah there's no doubt about it really.

    If it wasn't WoW it'd just be the hundred plus games sitting in my steam account waiting for me to play them though.
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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