View Poll Results: Do you spend more time playing WoW than living?

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  • No! Your a total addict and need help!

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    Same thing, isn't it?

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    I just resubbed recently and have been playing around 5-10 hours a week or so. Definitely not the 40 hours a week I used to put in during Vanilla-early Cata days. Those days are long gone.

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    What does it mean to "live life?" I'm confused. It sounds like one of those young people say to expose how little they know about life in general.

    I work, eat, sleep, and hang out with my girlfriend more than I play wow, if that's what you mean.

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    I definitely used to, WoW has gotten me through a lot of hard times when it gave me somewhere to escape to for a while. That being said there is a line somewhere where you have to say, well that's just enough. I don't want to sound like a preach but if you find yourself making threads like this then you're obviously wanting someone to come and tell you that you play too much. It would seem to me, seeing your OP, that you know you've crossed that line. Do something about it, because posting threads for validation or for help won't work, we can't change anything in your life, only you can.

    Also grats, you got me to log in for the first time in a few years to post this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewOrleansTrolley View Post

    I work, eat, sleep, and hang out with my girlfriend more than I play wow
    Look who's cool.

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    I bought the game in April '06, I was in fifth grade back then. Played the game whenever I had free time, logged around 130 days worth of game time on my Blood Elf Rogue when BC came out. I would play everyday for hours as much as I could from the time I got the game until high school. In high school, I still played a lot, but not nearly as religiously as I had before. Now, I'm a freshman in college with a 3.9 GPA and I still have time to play for a couple hours a week when I'm not with my friends or gf. Probably would if I didn't have all these responsibilities that life gives you over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizzy Banana View Post
    Look who's cool.
    I'm sorry you're taking it personally for some reason. =/

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    I wish I had the time to play games excessively. I don't know how people do it. Must be still in school or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    I admit, I'm guilty! I spend more time playing WoW than I actually live! I've put off my family! My job!

    Make me feel good to know that I'm not the only one!
    My Time Lived = 47 years.
    My Time Played = less than two years out of the 7 I have subscribed.

    so no.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    by the way you realize playing a game is actually a part of life ? try playing a game without it.
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    Almost everyone who chose no is in denial. Of course you do
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    My life outside of wow is not particularly interesting, and not much of it you could really describe as "living", but more passing the time.
    So you could say that yes, I do spend more time in wow than I spend doing anything interesting with my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reinaerd View Post
    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    I spend 100+ hours per week in front of my computer during holidays and since that includes playing WoW, yes, I barely have any time left for a social life.

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    Had a phase some years back when I was playing to much in a sense of I skipped other things that I also enjoyed and that would have benefitted my live more then wow did. I changed that though and I dont actually regret it (was still a fun time after all )

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    I don't play nearly as much as I did in vanilla and WOTLK. I was very addicted in vanilla and WOTLK was just that good. Been pretty casual ever since Cata came out when my guild died.

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    Last time I checked, WoW was a recreational activity that I need to be alive for in order to be able to participate.
    So I guess playing WoW is living my life.

    If you're referring to the neglect of duties in order to be able to play:
    I don't. It's more relaxing and fun to play when you know you have already been productive and made headway on your studies/work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    I did when I was younger, destroyed my whole life getting Grand Marshal, nowadays not so much.
    Kinda this but without the Grand Marshal bit. In my teens I played way too much really. But as I got older I started playing less and less, when I quit WoW for a year or so at the end of cata untill a few months ago I didn't even play video games that much anymore.

    Didn't vote since neither answers really suit me.

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    ya except,study,gym,runing andsometimes party in wekkend i play wow,which is more thay these other things. Im fine with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Physical addiction is real, mental addiction isn't.
    Lol, I hope you wasn't serious?

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    I don't really like the options of the poll. I don't care what other people do with their lives barring any extreme examples.

    I play 20-30 hours a week. Only 10 of those are raiding. The rest are mostly doing rbgs, hanging out with friends, flex. I will probably cut back to 10-15 the less my SO works (so after the holidays).

    But if it makes yah happy, play away!

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