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    Playing WoW is living. I don't stop breathing when I play WoW.

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    no, i don't play wow that often. i used to play more in cata, but i've become pretty casual since then. i haven't been online in the past 2 weeks because it's kind of becoming a bit boring lately. i am excited for warlords though. maybe i'll play more often then.

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    WoW? No, gaming in general? Hell yeah, however "living life" is a dumb term imo. I love the way I spend my time, I've made many good friendships because of it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    As playing WoW is a activity which takes place in your real life, it's impossible to play more, than to live life. Playing a computer game, or reading a book... why is the first considered as just a "virtual life" activity, but the latter an accepted "real life" activity? I don't get it.

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    The expansion is not The Dark Below.

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    Haven't logged in for several weeks no reason to do so.

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    I wish I had that much sparetime between working/sleeping, but alas, I don't.

    Work 10 hours, sleep 8 hours, leaves 6 hours for other things, I play on average 1 hour a day, except fridays which is raid nights.

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    It took over my life far more than I should of let it, I lost tons of friends who I used to hang out with and regret it deeply,

    I have actually unsubbed for the last couple of weeks and trying to build my circle of friends again.. I still read mmo champ but mostly because im doing other things on the pc.

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    Where is the option that says "Been there, but not anymore!".
    Warlocks get buffed ONE TIME and suddenly developers are getting fired over it...

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    I used to, a few years ago. I still do have some crazy days sometimes, but they're fairly rare.

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    that survey is depressing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Physical addiction is real, mental addiction isn't.
    That's what you think......

    This list could be extended basically indefinitely....
    Since addiction is a mental state... What you falsely interpret are physical withdrawal symptoms some drugs causing.
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    at the launch of vanilla there were some days where i spend more time playing wow than anything else, but it wasnt really to the point where i neglected friends and family more than i did before wow came out... i already played more pc games than real-lifeing before wow came out, so thats that :P

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    Back in Wotlk it was twice the time I'm playing now - I remember getting most of the classes from 1 to 80 and going ICC at least 4 times/week aswell. WoW was partly responsible for the fact that two relationships broke apart. I've learned from that.

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