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    Holy Nova - WoD

    My fondest memories of Holy Nova trail back to my days in Vanilla. Being boosted in RFC on one of my random characters, a troll priest ploughed the way through with what I remember as the most awesome spell ever, Holy Nova, explosions of light smiting away the smelly troggs that inhabited RFC. And thats when I knew, a priest was to be my main!

    Since then, Holy Nova has never really been put to much use, perhaps as a handy way of interrupting flag captures in arathi basin and the likes. But now, it's been side lined further, and is now a glyph choice, it is no longer baseline and it makes me sad.

    Honestly though, do many people actually go out of their way to glyph for this? Can they genuinely say it's a good part of their healing in raid environments? Or perhaps it does sick heals in PvP? Im not entirely convinced.

    Perhaps with WoD looming, it's time for Holy Nova to have a bit of a revamp? Im all for specc differentiation, and with the new talents for level 100 changing greater heal based on your specc (Clarity of Purpose - Clarity of Will) Holy - Disc, our healing speccs will hopefully feel more differentiated.
    My suggestion is, let discipline keep prayer of healing, and instead incorporate Holy Nova as Holy's prayer of healing replacement. Serendipity could work with Holy Nova, increasing the healing done and the range of the explosion, potentially making it a viable form of AoE healing, all the while giving Disc and Holy more seperate and differentiated methods of healing.

    I think it could be fun, maybe the implementation of my idea could be tweaked somehow, but it's just a general idea of what could be pretty cool, making this spell Baseline for Holy priests, rather than letting it gather dust as a glyph.

    Thats what I think, but what do you guys think?

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    I liked Holy Nova in TBC.

    It didn't heal for much (even in TBC, the healing was pathetic), it put the priest in an unprecedented deadly situation where a misplaced cleave or snare usually spelled the demise of the priest. It cost far too much mana to spam. But it actually did pretty okay AOE damage for a healing spec due to no diminishing returns, and there was always a little adrenaline rush associated with pushing out heavy aoe damage numbers. I liked it. I had fun, and everything was okay.

    Since then, HN has been broken. The healing was always crappy; being balanced around 1 priest spamming it on a 40 man raid. Then it was put on a 6 target diminishing return. Then the damage part received similar treatment. Suddently the spell was just not worth casting, ever.

    But it sure still is more fun to cast than mind sear.

    As it stands though, Holy Nova is completely replaced by the lvl 90 talents. I see no reason for it living. The only thing it is good for is flag cap prevention. And that has always been a silly mechanic.
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    So then Holy has 0 castable aoe heals? No thanks. If all I wanted to do was spam instants I'd play a Monk or Druid.
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    Really though, they can just buff it so we won't have to use mind sear as a source of AoE. Atm, it's less practical than Mind Vision.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mazi View Post
    So then Holy has 0 castable aoe heals? No thanks. If all I wanted to do was spam instants I'd play a Monk or Druid.
    That's a pretty unreasonable statement if you ask me. It's like "We have this shit spell, but we shouldn't buff it, because we need our other spell to be viable".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valancer View Post
    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    Prayer of Healing isn't shitty at all. It's a bit restrictive, but faaaar from shitty.
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