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    Gif guides for Siege of Orgrimmar

    Made by Moonwarden - Twisting Nether (Not this one)


    Attention: Large gifs take a long time to load.
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    Kinda cool.

    Edit: Make a gif of somebody get run over by an iron star
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacG View Post
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    Cool idea. But I will say if one of my raiders backpedaled out of a sha pool I'd make fun of them forever.

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    I kind of stood in everything to get the best view possible xD I only backpedaled for the good view of the pool : )

    HELL yes I'm gonna make gifs off people getting run over.

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    uTorrent icon?

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    Trying to help people remember the name of the spell through association. : )

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    I like the idea. Could be the next big thing for raid guides!
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    nice idea
    /10 chars

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    i also really like it good job!

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    I really like the ones you have done so far, keep up the good work. ;D

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    omfg i love this

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    This is a great idea I have to say meeting how to videos and traditional written guides halfway. I say keep them up maybe create a view and see if enough people like em to get stickied

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    This is a good idea. I like how you have a gif for each ability as some of the video guides are to chaotic to see what they are talking about.
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    #retard proof, nice.

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    Thanks everyone! It really makes me happy getting so much positive replies! I am working on Norushen atm, so keep this page bookmarked for all the things I'm gonna add!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Where does the adds pop out from?! Gross!

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    This is amazing!! DO MORE PLEASE!!

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    This is excellent, thank you! I hate sitting through full videos when I only need to the point visual guides like this.

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    Great idea. Needs some fine tuning with the general tactics part, as those are not as good as other existing guides. Concept is great though.

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    Ya this is really cool if it could be done on PTR and be out the first week. At this time there are videos that do the same thing IMO.

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    Omg it's so amazing!! Make more =D

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