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    I like my owl army ^^
    But in bg's the lock def cd kinda makes me unkillable. IMO it should stay, but it has to become more balanced. Not only different specs should get different abilities, it should also change for pve/pvp. Rebirth for Paladins is cool for pve but useless in pvp, they should get Lifebloom (or something else) instead.

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    On topic, yes I do have a problem with Holy priest getting cyclone especialyl because of they fact they already have the longest cc chain in game.
    Instant long ranged chastize with feather/guise is impossible to get away from and once he hits you with chastize, he has the option of 3 CC's to use out of that.
    cyclone, dom mind, aoe fear. none of which DR... During first clone or aoe fear, his options are also wide open. He can either, heal his dps, dps the enemy dps, or purge the shit out of cc target or kill target. Its ridiculous. Nevermind they have tonnes of instant casts. I was healing as holy in shadow gear and the spec is pure comedy.

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