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    Raid Cooldown Tracker

    I'm looking for an addon for my UI that shows and tracks raid cooldowns - example: rallying cry, or pain suppression. A lot of tanks that stream seem to have something that's along the left side of their screen that tracks these cooldowns.


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    I think Deadlybossmods has this built in, I know it shows me the cooldowns of several of my raid team.
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    I'm willing to bet it's either hermes or BLTRCD (or an edited version of it).
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    I use BLT_RCD for this. Hermes is also a viable alternative.
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    Yeah, I use Hermes as well. Not perfect but pretty good overall.

    I will check out BLT_RCD

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    I tried BLT and like Hermes alot more, but either one is very good for what you're looking for.

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    oRA3 have good tracker who used which CD (selectable which to show)
    Hermes shows availible CDs in your raid (also selectable)
    Both have Timer

    I prefer oRA, simply because all Raid CDs in 25 take too much space on screen

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    Thanks for the replies - I went with Hermes and really like it.


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    I have been working on an addon with raid cooldown support. It has alot of other features which can be turned off
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    I have been trying them both out a lot. Hermes only works reliable if the person you want to track CD's for has it aswell. blcd is flawless, and I switched to that (Blood Legion Cooldown).

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    DBM has it build in with this addon. quite nice tbh
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    Ora3 is the way to go

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