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    Arrow Race change, go for the looks or minmax dps?

    Give me your opinions on whether I should go Undead or Troll (I do pve)

    Pwetty pwease

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    troll! They are the most badass race !!

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    Undead Rogue feels really common. Troll Rogues would also feel more like a ninja

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    Go with the one that you prefer how it looks, the DPS advantage that any race can give is not worthy

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    Blizzard said they're going to be taking a look at racials next expansion, so the better idea would be to pick the race you want to look like.
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    This is really completely up to you. How much do you care about your appearance? How much can you even see your character in play? How much do you care about your damage? How much do you even prefer one race's appearance over the other?

    Troll, if you're doing progression, or progressing on Thok, or find Thok difficult, is stupidly good. Next expansion racials will vary.

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    If you need to go to the forums to ask that you should go with whatever you prefer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iolzor View Post
    Give me your opinions on whether I should go Undead or Troll (I do pve)
    This needs to be restated time and time again; but here we go.

    There is no racial in this game that provides any truly relevant improvement to your raid performance. Your DPS is not going to increase enough for it to matter; even if you are already 99.99999% optimal; the amount of DPS you're going to squeeze out from any one racial over another is not going to transform your play style into something that is 'more' or 'better'.

    Pick your characters race based on the race you think looks cool, or sounds neat, or the racial sounds 'fun'. Don't pick it because you believe or someone told you that the racials have a measurable effect on gameplay.
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    When I gank an undead, I really like their death animation and that wotf doesn't work against rogues. But nothing really matches blood elf males. The thing where they reach their hand out? It's so great to cause that.

    So my recommendation is one of those two. That way, if I ever see you in a BG or whatever, I can either have the pleasant feeling of knowing that the undead bullshit trick didn't help him, or I'll get the really solid "no... it can't.... be..." deathwave.

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    the real question is what bothers you most - they way YOU see your character or the way OTHERS see your character. if its the former there are options that don't require a payment, if its the latter just race change.

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    For a serious reply (in case this was lost in my sarcasm), you can't ask us to rate how important aesthetics is versus performance. I play a night elf. In fact, ALL I PLAY is night elves, so my choice should be clear. The power of racials is low, but their balance is poor, and you can always change in the future. I would suggest picking based on what is important to you.

    Ex: If you are in a pve horde raiding guild and everyone is troll for racials, go ahead and go troll, because that is what your friends are doing. If everyone is whatever they want to be, then play undead, becuase that is what your friends are doing- whatever they like. Undead has a dps racial, it just isn't as good as the troll one.

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    Since all models are getting overworked: Just wait for WoD.
    Since some racials are getting overworken: Just wait for WoD.

    If you have to make a decision now: Go with whatever you find more appealing lookwise. Racials don't matter that much.

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    Didn't a lot of people say that they were revamping racials last expansion?

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    They have to rework racials in WoD due to the removal of hit and expertise. So, yes... Racials are going to be reworked. Maybe not every single one, but there are far too many that are based around hit and expertise.

    Oh... And to the OP... Go gnome. :P
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    hi i rog

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    Looks ... obviously. No point to have a very hardly noticeable advantage and having to look at a character you don't really like.
    And between the two, oh well undead rogues are cool but like it has been said they're quite common. Then again go with whatever you LIKE not what someone says is cooler/better. You're the one looking at your character not us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praytorian View Post
    Didn't a lot of people say that they were revamping racials last expansion?

    Certainly no devs mentioned anything like that at all, and this time they have. They didn't say they were "revamping" btw- they said that the will be changing the expertise racials, almost all of which are on alliance side, and using that to 'close the gap" between horde and alliance racials (the assumption here is that they mean pve- for pvp they just have some outliers, but I don't think they want to nerf wotf as it's needed a nerf for this entire game, why bother now?).

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    Racials are clearly going to get balanced out in WoD, if you change now and your not in a guild that needs that tiny bit more dps, don't waste money for racials.

    So, just go for which you prefer.

    Armor looks crap on undead, but some like that so.

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