Thread: RoRo VS TED

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    RoRo VS TED

    Hi people,

    I've tryd getting RoRo HC but can't seem to get a good group or a guildrun for it.

    Now i've just looted TED normal(561 upgraded)(no warforged) and im wondering is it would be a DPS increase to go full mastery instead of keeping my RoRo(530 upgraded).

    Here is my armory link:

    Log from yesterday(with every 4 sec a 1/2 sec screenfreeze... darn PC):

    Could be alot better, i know. But the spikes/freezes were absolutely terrible and i didnt even use FoN :P
    This is a fight with RoRo, haven't even tryd TED yet that's why im asking if it would be a DPS increase over a 530 RoRo.

    Thx in advance

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    open Catus, load your character, go simulator:trinkets, choose one u want to simmulate, press generate and you'll see yourself how it's good or bad

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