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  • MMO

    122 31.04%
  • racing

    2 0.51%
  • Action

    16 4.07%
  • Sports

    1 0.25%
  • RPG

    192 48.85%
  • Shooter

    25 6.36%
  • Strategy

    33 8.40%
  • stealth

    2 0.51%
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    While it is true, Dota , League of Legends, etc is its own genre now... they require a lot of , if not more, strategy than your every day RTS.
    I am not sure about that but the point is it should be in its own genre.

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    RPG : Dark souls
    MMO : WoW
    Shooter : Tribes: Ascend
    Strategy : Warcraft 3
    Action : Dark souls
    Stealth : Theif 2
    Racing : Mario Kart
    Sports : There are sports games?

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    MMORPG: Guild Wars 2
    Racing: Need for Speed Undergroung
    Action: Bioshock Infinite/Resident Evil 6
    Sports: (I don't really play any sports game...)
    RPG: Fallout 3
    Shooter: Bioshock Infinite
    Strategy: Dofus Arena
    Stealth: Splinter Cell, Blacklist

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstalkerr View Post
    I thought it might be a fun idea to make a poll about your favorite Gaming genre and its best game in your opinion. PC GAMES ONLY!
    No adventure? Shuuuuuunnnnn.

    RPG: BG2
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Half Life 2 and its episodes
    Strat: Supcom 2 or Empire total war for such completely different reasons it makes it impossible to choose
    Action: GTA SA
    Racing: Grid
    Sports: none

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    Racing:Forza:Horizon (If you want karting games, then Crash team racing)
    Stealtheus Ex:Human Revolution.
    Shooter:Counter Strike 1.6
    RTS:StarCraft 1:Brood War
    Fighting Game:Blazblue:Chrono Phantasma (closely followed by Street fighter 3,4, and Persona 4 Arena and Guilty Gear)
    Action: Newest Tomb Raider
    RPG:Witcher series
    JRPG:Persona series
    New season. Fun times.

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    I saw it was suppose to be pc only but a few others tossed console games in so I'm doing the same. Emulators maybe.

    RPG: Does Disagea go here or strat? If not here then Dragon warrior III
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Wolfenstein
    Strategy: Again, does Disgaea go here?(I really liked Disgaea), If not Command and Conquer:Red Alert.
    action: Red Dead Redemption
    stealth: never could find a stealth game I liked.
    Racing: Burnout 3: Takedown
    Sports: Base wars! (Why is there not a sequel to this?)
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    RPG: Dragon Age: Origins
    MMO: World of Warcraft
    Shooter: Far Cry 3
    Strategy: Warcraft 3 TFT
    action/adventure: Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
    stealth: Splinter Cell
    Racing: Need for Speed Most Wanted
    Sports: Tekken 3
    MOBA: League Of Legends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonkaden View Post
    I know what stealth games are. Putting them on the list above the fighting genre is umm, yea. They cannot compare lol.

    - - - Updated - - -

    While it is true, Dota , League of Legends, etc is its own genre now... they require a lot of , if not more, strategy than your every day RTS.
    Ever played starcraft? I'm quite good at dota but the amount of strategy combined with the micro/macro and other variances scares me from playing sc2. Same with other strategy games. I agree with them now been their own genre but the main biggest difference between strats is one is team based and the other isn't.

    On topic though

    RPG: Mass effect 2, but really an rpg fan though
    MMO: Runescape (Earlier years of it's simplicity but enjoyment) and ofc wow (A game I considered one of the most successful single-games)
    Shooter: Quake 3, Unreal Tourn or Halo 2/3
    Strategy: Starcraft 2 (Most fun on C&C when kid though)
    Action: Find this term to general, I consider most games action
    Stealth: Assassins creed 2
    Racing: Trackmania (Loved this)
    Sport: They're all pretty crap tbh
    MOBA: Dota 2

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    RPG: Gauntlet-NES,Elder Scrolls
    MMO: WoW, GW2
    FPS: COD 1&2, BF 1942
    Racing: Gran Turismo
    Action: Path of Exile
    Sports: Pigskin Football,. Tecmo Bowl

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    RPG: Pokemon series
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Halo series
    Strategy: Age of empires 2
    action: Assassins creed series
    stealth: Splinter Cell 2
    Racing: Need for Speed most wanted (the original first one)
    Sports: Nhl 1997

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    RPG: Mass Effect 3 / Pokémon XY
    MMO: Guild Wars 1
    Shooter: Planetside 2
    Strategy: Hard to say between Civilization series, XCOM and Pokémon B2W2.
    Action: N/A
    Stealth: Dishonored
    Racing: Need for Speed Underground 2
    Sports: N/A
    MOBA: N/A
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    RPG: Gauntlet-NES
    Oh gawd, that game. So many flipped many.....

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    Graz (Austria)
    RPG: The Witcher
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Unreal Tournament 99
    Strategy: Starcraft 2
    action-adventure: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow
    stealth: Dishonored
    Racing: Mario Kart
    Sports: I would like to say Fifa, but the 14-Version is such a disappointment ... maybe Fifa 12 or 13, those games were far superior to the latest one.
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    RPG: DA:O/ME2/TES series with older games like Kotor 1/2, baldur's gate 2 being close.
    MMO: WoW/Runescape pre 2007
    Shooter: Battlefront 2/team fortress 2
    Strategy: Age of empires 2
    action: Assassins Creed 2 with the older prince of persia games being close to the top.
    Racing: Need For Speed underground

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    RPG: Fallout 3, with NV very close
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: COD MW, MW2 close behind
    Strategy: Civ V
    action: DmC3
    stealth: Deus Ex:HR/Dishonored
    Racing: Need for Speed underground/Burnout 3
    Sports: None i don't think

    also i'm gonna add another category
    Indie: The Binding of Isaac

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    RPG: N/A
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Gears of War
    Strategy: Starcraft
    action: Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl
    stealth: Assassins Creed?
    Racing: Super Mario Cart
    Sports: Fifa & NHL

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    Dimension 324325
    MMO: WoW/Ultima Online

    racing: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

    Action: 3D: Bayonetta/Lollipop Chainsaw 2D: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    Sports: Super Dodge Ball Advance/MarioGolf (GBC)/Mario Golf: Advance Tour/Mario Tennis (GBC)/Mario Tennis: Power Tour (all of which are a combination of sports and either strategy in the case of dodge ball or RPG elements for the Mario games)

    RPG: Turn-Based: EarthBound(Mother2)/Mother3 Real-Time: Demon's Souls/Xenoblade Chronicles

    Shooter: FPS: Duke Nukem 3D 3rd Person: Red Dead Redemption On-Rails FPS: The Ocean Hunter On-Rails 3rd Person: Sin&Punishment

    Strategy: Disgaea series/Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (I consider it a strat game)

    stealth: Metal Gear Ac!d/Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (its also a card based/RPG/strategy type game, but still has heavy stealth elements to the point where I was addicted to getting through each mission without ever getting caught)
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    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Freedom Fighter (old game but story/gameplay /missions were the best)
    RPG: Warcraft 3?
    Strategy: Stronghold Crusader.
    Sport: All are bad.
    Action: i almost never play this kind of games but i did enjoyed i have to say spider-man 2 completed the game for like 6 times :P

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    RPG-Baldur's Gate 2 or KOTOR
    ARPG-Diablo 2
    MMO-UO before it went "3D"
    Shooter-Far Cry
    RTS-Starcraft or Civ 5
    Stealth-Metal Gear Solid
    Rest are N/A

    It is blowing my mind how many people put ME3 as their best ever...Clearly we didn't play the same game. The ending of that game can never be forgiven no matter the added content.

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    Ontario, Canada
    RPG: Final Fantasy
    MMO: WoW
    Shooter: Halo
    Strategy: Starcraft or Star Wars Empire At War
    Action: Legend of Zelda
    Stealth: Metal Gear Solid
    Racing: Burnout
    Sports: NHL

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