View Poll Results: What Is Currently Ruining Your World of Warcraft Experience?

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  • Easy Low Level Content

    69 16.95%
  • The Loss of the Sense of Community

    208 51.11%
  • Not Enough to Do

    50 12.29%
  • Easy Everything

    99 24.32%
  • Random PUGS (LFR, Dungeon Finder, etc.)

    89 21.87%
  • The Loss of the Sense of Accomplisment

    138 33.91%
  • Weird or Bad Lore/Setting

    83 20.39%
  • Not Enough Engagement

    57 14.00%
  • Loss of Immersion

    103 25.31%
  • Other (List Below.)

    99 24.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Loss of low level content - I WANT to want to level a new alt, I just have no motivation to whatsoever, with the abysmal, abysmal changes of Cataclysm, turning every single fucking zone into a railroaded - take 2 quests! return! take 2 quests! return! take 2 quests! return! Literally makes me nauseous. Oh and every dungeon is tankable by a priest, or a warlock, or a mage. Nice. Really allows you to get up to speed with group work, your classes' abilities etc.

    Loss of sense of community - Every server I played on in Vanilla/TBC was literally alive with community/chatting etc. Groups getting together for SS/TM PvP, massive raids, server rep, top tier PvPers helping each other in the HWL/GM grind. People hanging around in their cliques in Shattrath, while getting to know who was a great tank/healer/dps for daily heroic quests etc. Nowadays.. who the fuck cares. There's no need for any of that. Click a button, free raid, afk. Click a button, free BG, afk. Click a button, free dungeon, impossible to wipe. Spare me.

    Not enough to do - disagreed. There's more than enough to do. You're only bored if you're boring, as some random band once said.

    Easy everything - to a point. Sadly, everything to do besides high-level Arena/RBGs and top-level Heroic Raiding is absurdly easy. CMs are the only slight exception, and that's only when you're learning the pulls. There's literally nothing challenging anywhere else - and there needs to be. There needs to something interesting between raids/arenas. 5mans in MoP are an absolute aberration. Absurdly few, absurdly easy, filled with boring, stupid, immersion-breaking RP. Even WotLK, which had the easiest 5-mans besides MoP, at least had a huge variety.

    Random PuGs - absolutely crippling, for quite a few reasons. Firstly, as above, loss of server community. You no longer make friends, teams with people on your server who're great in dungeons, or just fun to be around. There's no reason to do so. You just click a button every day, et voila, there you go. Secondly, since it's so faceless, with people you'll almost certainly never see again, there's no reason to play well, there's no reason to not AFK, there's no reason to be courteous, or polite. You can just swear, abuse, spit, kick, insult, afk, attack the wrong targets etc. Not only will you rarely so much as cause a wipe, but there are literally no consequences. You can't be "blacklisted" from future LFRs if you're a douche, or AFK the whole thing etc. Thirdly, since it's the status quo in grouping at the moment, fights have to be tuned around the lowest common denominator, which is LOW, VERY LOW in random PuGs. This makes the group content even MORE trivial/forgettable for those who actually care, y'know, the ones the game should be designed around.

    Loss of sense of accomplishment - another big one. I remember progressing in early WoW. Sure, there were massive negatives, but there were amazing positives too. I remember the first time we killed bosses like Nef, or Twin Emps, or C'thun, after weeks/months of challenging attempts. It felt fucking AWESOME. The first time we killed Twin Emps, and were able to clear to C'thun, and discover a major badass waiting around the corner. It's just unforgettable. There's NOTHING like that now. Too many difficulties. Unless you refuse to do anything but Heroic, or Normal if you'll never touch Heroic, you're just spoiling the fights/sense of progression/sense of excitement for you and your guild by seeing everything on LFR. And you HAVE to do LFR if you want the most out of your character, especially at the start of an expansion. Killing Garrosh on LFR, then Flex, then Normal.. yeah. There's nowhere NEAR as much excitement when you kill him on heroic when you've already killed him numerous times on other difficulties. Still some, just not as much.

    Weird or bad lore/setting - pretty much completely personal taste. I think MoPs setting was fucking awful. Could they have been any less subtle about the Asian influence of the Pandarians? Seriously? I don't really care other than that, it's their story, tell it how they will. Just don't force too much RP down my throat.

    The last 2 points kinda just tie into the above ones.

    I'll add though - still greatly looking forward to WoD, but yeah, I'm not exactly holding my breath for revolution.

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    Loss of the legitimate community and the gain of the immature trolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriss View Post
    People. It's like 90% of the people outside my own guild have turned into absolute idiots. Seriously, it seems that bad.
    I second the opinion that the community is the worst part.
    The convenience features many whine about too much exist only because of the community, as in-between artificially raised requirements and downright arrogance the traditional raiding community is now harder than ever to get into for someone who does not have the convenience of friends or prior experience.

    Too much blame placed on those tools, when the community was declining along with the subscription loss before their introduction.
    They did not kill the game, as some people would like to tell you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reinaerd View Post
    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    I hate how they got rid of something like the talent trees. DONT GET ME WRONG, I think the new Talent trees are great, but the things that are secondary stats (life stealing, cleave, movement speed etc) could have been fleshed out in something like the talent trees to make the different characters more unique. I think every damn warrior right now has to take Storm Bolt anyways so it's not like it's adding variety.

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    People worrying about what I hate about the game instead of enjoying it for themselves or finding a new hobby.

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    i used to hate how wow went to queuecraft/easycraft/instant epics/etc. i've since decided that doesn't matter much so the only thing i'd really complain about in your list is the direction of lore.

    looks like WoD might get us back on track, though.

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    Seperate raid lockouts.

    I miss the days of Wrath pugs used to be raids going on all the time.

    My other choice would be the lack of community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shewkoi View Post
    i used to hate how wow went to queuecraft/easycraft/instant epics/etc. i've since decided that doesn't matter much so the only thing i'd really complain about in your list is the direction of lore.

    looks like WoD might get us back on track, though.
    That's if you consider time travel mumbo jumbo decent lore. Although I do agree it's better than pandas.

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    I hate how long it takes for pvp fixes.

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    The majority of the community, that and the same faction ganking on Timeless isle, aside from that i am pretty content at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    Probably going to get flamed, but oh well.

    What I hate in wow's current state? The state of low-level BGs. It's absolutely disgusting.. Warriors and Hunters just TRUMP BGs. It needs to be changed..

    "lol low-level content scrub" It might be low level content, but it's still a part of the game, if it's this bad.. Low level BGs need to be removed entirely.
    Hunter, Warriors, and rogues(subterfuge) need changes. Shield slam hits two hard and hunter just do godly damage till 85issh. I find everything but a smart rogue counterable btw what classes do you play at lower levels?

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    The lack of decent people and when I say decent I do not mean game play wise I mean it in terms of their morals, behavior, actions, etc. No one trys to help anyone anymore and instead they berate, harass, and try to tear down anyone they see to be less than they are.

    A good example would be what I observed the other night, I watched a a fury warrior ask in trade chat is anyone could give him some advice on a few things. He said he had looked at EJ, Noxxic, MMOC, and other sites to get a good idea of what to do but was having trouble applying it. All he wanted was a bit of help from an experienced player and instead what he got in trade chat was. "Reroll scrub" "L2P" "If you have to ask you suck" "Uninstall wow and give up"

    Now people will say this is becuse these players are young or just immature but I have seen this sort of verbal trash come from people far older than you would expect so I really do not know were this behavior came from. People also blame cross realm grouping and LFR but I think thats only a small part of it. It just seems as a whole that the games community has devolved into uncivil gutter trash bent on trying to destroy the enjoyment of people trying to learn and trying to play well.

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    i hate whiners who hate on this amazing game.

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