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    Enh shaman

    Hi recently re subbed and rolled shaman but found in pvp i could not get onto hunters whatsoever as spirit walk is on a 1 minute cooldown and once popped i can be slowed whereas disengage is on a 24 second cooldown and being rooted for 8 seconds following with traps etc makes it difficult. Also i did not have enough defences to outlast many melee classes currently in pvp am i the only one who is experiencing this i don't see many enh shaman posts but i find our lack of gap openers and closers and somewhat cost of healing ability a little unfair in the current game. I know this is not a 1 vs 1 game but i think i should be able to stand a chance and it feels as if i do not. These are example classes i am having trouble with gap closing a lot of the time.

    Tried ele seems much better btw.

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    Blizzard doesn't care about 1v1. Sorry.

    Besides, don't shamans have some sort of range root ? I seem to be hit with it all the time in pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Usual Suspect View Post
    Blizzard doesn't care about 1v1. Sorry.

    Besides, don't shamans have some sort of range root ? I seem to be hit with it all the time in pvp.
    Frozen power, It's a talent that makes frost shock immobilize:|

    Your other options on that tier is an AoE root on a fair cooldown, or a totem that works a lot like stampeding roar.

    Warriors are really strong right now, so there's that. Not really an expert on shaman PVP though, so I'm not sure what your options are for locking hunters out.

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    I think its the lack of utility warriors have 2-3 gap closers i have 1 way of getting away lolstorm out of a root that drs really quickly and its a 5 sec root on a 16 sec cd i just cannot get onto people as they have more roots and snares and if i sit and try and off heal 2 heals and im oom i cannot gap close and stay alive and the totem would be good if it wasnt 6 seconds on a 1 minute cooldown which means such as vs hunters binding shot/scatter/trap and its wasted. And if i do get onto someone i can count on them having more defensives to deal with pressure than shamanistic rage.

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    Try different talents and find something that works for u, as for strategy im not a pro but try to pop wolfs and fire elemental early in fight while saving ur big burst until u get them down a bit and maybe have forced a defensive cd. Once u pop burst they have to be fast with defensives or they are pretty much oneshotted. Thats kinda how have to play i think, play defensivly until u find a good window to burst. Use heal totems etc to help stay alive

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    In a perfect situation (the same gear level + the same skill level + no RNG advantage for anyone) the hunter has more and better tools at his disposal and you stand no chance.

    Frostshock can be reflected back, as your burst, wolves can be rooted, your stun avoided, the elemental FD or trapped, while you are constantly slowed and must deal with a permanent pet + 5 summoned, insane burst, Masters Call, etc. There is also the question of racials (free vanish, free trinket, free bloodlust, etc.) which can be game breaking.
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    I play Enhance Pvp and I am no pro pvper but I can kill hunters. The trick is while he is slowing you down and running away from you to pop your Defensive cool downs instead of just running at him and not using them, so drop Healing totem, bulwark totem, pop shamanistic Rage.

    Another trick is if he pops stampede on you, drop you Earth elemental and he will taunt the other pets to him. I was in your boat of always being rooted and not being able to dps, so I picked Elemental blast, so when ever I am rooted and can use elemental blast which is a good ranged attack. I also picked frozen power to root him, another tip is to use frozen power on his pet.

    It's true that we dont have as many gap closers as say a warrior but we have more ranged attacks. If you are rooted pop wolves, use your Fire elemental, cast elemental blast, cast lighting bolt, pop ascendance which makes stormstrike into a ranged attack stormblast, cast spirit walkers grace so you can close gap and cast elemental blast or lighting bolt or a heal, and lastly Hex him so he cant dps while you close the gap, you just have to be creative and not be a sitting duck not using all your abilities.

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    Grace can be dispelled, Ascendance silenced + detteranced (if glyphed your stormstrike will be spellreflected to you), Frostshock will be broken by Masters Call and while you and your wolves are on the ice trap, he disengages and slowes you all with multishot... etc, etc, etc.

    Yes, enh. shaman can kill hunters, but not on the same gear and skill level.
    My wife came to me and asked: "What have you done to the poor cat? She is half dead..."

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    This is the first season ever i try enhance, and i must say im having lots of fun with it. I know 1v1 might be hard against some classes but they are alot of fun in arena with lots of utility and awesome burst, sure we are squishy but if u play it right u can survive quite alot

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    im playing 2s with a m8 who has an enh shaman. Mostly he can blow up everything. The only Problem is in 2s when we Play as healer/enh and we meet healer/ww then we always lose.

    WW is already hard to kill 1v1 its like a bossfight, with a healer on his ass it seems almost inpossible to bring him down.

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