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    There is only one thing i liked, loved and still love about World of Warcraft - the Arcane Mage.
    The very first itme i saw one was when i first steped into raiding. I basicaly died on 2nd phase of AnubArak (ToC) and the whole time till he died one arcane mage was dpsing near my dead body. I was watching my screen with jaw droped as i looked at all the flashy things he throwed at the big bug (and on top of that he was top dps ). It had totaly "mage" flavor. All i saw what he is doing and what he is capable of and i was just stuned.
    I made a noam mage right after the raid speced arcane and never looked back again to my pala (until last week when i was bored enough to level it fom 80 to 90).
    And will continiue to love it until WoW die huehue
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    Hm. I'm just gonna pick one thing from each expansion.

    Classic - Old AV. I loved those long, epic, drawn-out games where both sides summoned their elemental bosses and everything.

    BC - Flying mounts. It felt so cool to fly around and actually be able to control the mount.

    Wrath - Naxxramas re-release. I never got to see it in Classic because I wasn't in a high-end raiding guild, and that was really disappointing to me because I thought it looked awesome when I watched the patch trailer. I was really happy that I'd finally get to actually see it in person.

    Cataclysm - I was really happy when single minded fury was introduced for fury warriors. It was also cool to finally see the Hyjal zone.

    MoP - I haven't played enough of MoP to really decide something. The 85-90 questing experience was fun though. I have yet to actually create a Pandaren or Monk character, but I thought it was cool to see Pandaren added as a playable race because Chen Stormstout was awesome in WC3.

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    Without a doubt the thing I love the most would be WoW's music, through recent troubling years WoW's music has remained consistently brilliant. Some examples of my favourite pieces from each expansion and original would be:
    I'm also gonna agree with this. I especially loved the tavern music. There's a soundtrack called Taverns of Azeroth that's a collection of all the tavern music from the game, and it is awesome. But yeah, overall, every expansion of WoW has an awesome soundtrack.

    And the cinematics. You can say whatever you want about Blizzard and how you feel about the direction they're taking WoW, but their cinematics are second to fucking none.
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