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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothicshark View Post
    One Faceless one Remembers Goblins. implying from before the titans, but it is not confirmed. As to Trolls, or their progenitor race being from before the Titans, it's all speculation, since nothing has even been said in game to confirm that.
    Trolls and tauren have been confirmed to predate titans and some bug races.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    And those servers are also the servers where faction balance is largely irrelevant. Faction balance is, after all, only an issue where the factions interact.

    In other words...the neutral AHs and PvP. And neutral AHs can also attract players from the more populous faction. As far as PvP is PvP isn't an issue because, you know, PvE realms - so the only factor faction balance can really affect is wait times for BGs and so on. Which is also cross realm.

    Or did I miss an interaction?

    All of which means...faction balance is important on PvP servers. And on those servers, if we believe the information available, then the Horde tends to dominate.

    Yes. On PvE realsm, population does matter. Not balance...population. Population provides a sense the world is full and active, and ensures aspects such as the AH work well and are't empty. It affects the ability to join guilds and run raids...everything you do in your own faction.

    Which is why Blizzard have brought in cross realm and VRealm technology. To help address issues with low populations on servers.

    PvE servers won't be affected. The various cross realm technologies will see to that. At worst, they'll hugely mitigate any negative impact but we can rest assured, AHs wil still be visited. And on PvP servers, Horde tends to dominate.

    Your population argument only really works if you treat individual servers as having any major importance...and they really don't. Not any more.

    Now, if you can present a valid argument which shows why balance on an individual server is still important, it'd be nice to hear.

    All of which leaves us with the one pop[ulation argujment that in this case matters.

    If playable High Elfs are ever brought in as an Alliance race - will people leave the game?

    Best post on this thread dealing with the faction im/balance nonsense!

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    I always thought it would be cool if we could have a Subrace unlockable when you have a character of that race reach level 30.
    In that case one you've played a NE for a while you could unlock the ability to create a High elve character.

    I doubt that Blizz will, purely because if they had a new expac and horde got a completely new race and Alliance just got a race horde has had for yeeears there will probably be a bit of an outcry, though now that Blizz are making all new race models I guess they could try and do something to make the two a little more visually distinct.

    Since all the server transfer and faction changing became easily available I think "Faction balance" became a non-issue. I expect there are VERY few servers that are anywhere near being balanced between Horde and Ali now.

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